Saturday, December 5, 2009


Plain and simple... 
I am thankful for my "healthy" 
Baby Kingston 
and our 
Life just doesn't get any better! 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween 2009

How so much can change in a year!  Last year we announced that we were having a baby... now that baby is 5 MONTHS OLD!  Please hold so I can stop my head from spinning! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

Mr. Kingston rocked it in his pea in the pod costume and his Mama and Daddy... well.... we attempted high school "Panther" style!  

Moving on...

Can you seriously believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?  You know what that means... A BREAK.... 7 days to do... WHATEVER I want!  BRING IT ON...  Ahhh I can just "smell" it from here!

 Let the count down begin...    

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ohhhh October.

Major things have been going on over at the Kraus House.  Our little man has been GROWING BIG TIME!!!!
October 9th... Kingston turned 4 months old.  Seriously, where did the time go?  Here were his "stats:"

Weight: 16lbs. 14 oz. (87%)
Height: 28 inches (100%)
Head circumference: 17 inches (76%)

Dr. Hudson gave us the "GO" to start giving Kingston baby food!  Whoo-hoo!  So far we have tackled cereal, applesauce, squash, and green beans.  YUMMY!  Next up, here comes CARROTS!  Jealous?

Kingston has just recently started to realize that Bailey too, occupies our home.  He watches her roam and run all over the house.  He gets so excited when she is around... I wish I could say the feeling was mutual.  Poor Bailey Boo... she is just not real interested! She'll come around once KHK can play "retrieve" with her...

Beeper and I were asked to go to Gold Rush last weekend with the Mahone's!  Anytime I can spend time with "My Michelle"  I'm in... on top of that dressing up, good food, drinks, and DANCING!  SHOOOOOOOT.... LOOK OUT!  Oh to dress up... right up my alley... 

We all couldn't have been MORE DIFFERENT!  
I was a hippie and Michelle was a pirate.  Arrgh!

Here we have... Rocky and Payne Stewart.  

As for this picture... well this just shows that we had a GREAT TIME!
(Is there anything better than "back seat pictures" after a party?  
You know you've all taken them... Ahhhhh... good times... good times!)  

I also need to give a shout out to our babysitter that night.  Thanks Paige and Greg for watching our little munchkin.  We really do appreciate it! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


No lie... I'm just flat embarrassed about how long it's been since I blogged last... geeezzz its literally been 2 months! Really it isn't like there hasn't been anything going on, I MEAN HELLO YOU KNOW ME... there is ALWAYS something going on! :)

Let's dive in... we've got some catching up to do! 

Here are some pics of a random Cox Get Together... I love that we just get together for no reason, but just to visit!  Oh, who am I kidding and to EAT good food of course! :) The baby with Kingston is my precious little cousin Brooks that I am sure you have all heard me dote over time and time again!  I love seeing those two little guys together! (Check out my other little cousins and their AMAZING POSES!) 

As most of you know, this September was a MILESTONE month for my parents... they both turned 50!  Holy Moly Right? (lol)  I don't know how it happened, but I actually managed to throw them both a surprise birthday party!  I still can't believe that I pulled it off, getting them both there and keeping it a secret!  Thanks for everyone that came to help celebrate!  A Big thanks to my cousin Angela for helping me get my "ELDERS" there! :)  I must say that my Mama and Daddy make 50 look DAMN GOOD! (Let's hope that those genes got passed on!)

I always get excited with "My Michelle" comes in to town.  Now, more than ever because we have two little guys that we love to watch play together.  So last week she came in and you know what we just had to do?  Well a MINI-PHOTO-SHOOT of course!  A very short, short, short photo shoot!  These boys are really going to have to get used to this...  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hands are Yummy!

I'm back... Man talk about taking a break!  Like always let me catch ya up to date...

So Mr. Kingston is now 2 1/2 months old! :) Seriously can you believe it?  Time has flown by... as summers usually do!  At KHK's 2 month dr. apt. he weighed  14lbs. and was 25 1/2 inches long.  

We just recently went through ANOTHER growth spurt and had to DASH off to Tyler for some "6 month clothing shopping!"  FUN-FUN!  I mean seriously the child was looking like I couldn't handle him growing up, so I was determine to make 3 month outfits still look cute!  I swear it happened over night!  Anywho... Tyler got the job done!  He no longer looks like a orphan child... bless his heart!

Mr. Kingston is cooing up a storm... I think that this is due to him spending so much time with his YAYA! He definitely will not struggle with a language barrier that is FO-SHO.  I can't wait when he can start telling me what all they talk about ALL day!  He comes home flat worn out... :)  I LOVE IT!  It's great!  

He is smiling all the time... and it isn't GAS!   He thinks I AM FUNNY!  It is great to have someone in my house who FINALLY laughs at my jokes, even if he is a "wee little one!"

SLOBBER... OHHHHH DO WE EVER SLOBBER!  I swear he slobbers worse than any bulldog I have ever seen.  This could quite possibly be due to the fact that our mouth is ALWAYS open, because we are trying to attack our "new friend,"  OUR HAND!  Oh, Kingston loves Mr. Hand!  He tries to stick the WHOLE thing inside his mouth... it is fascinating to watch and then scary, because what am I going to do if this actually happens?  (Come on people you know what I am going to do... GRAB MY CAMERA!)

Anywho... here is a short video of Mr. Kingston being his CUTE SELF... and Mr. Hand!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One month... REALLY?

I am sitting in my bed.... looking over at my precious baby boy, Mr. Kingston as he peacefully sleeps.  He doesn't even know that exactly one month ago he BUSTED out of his Mama's belly! :)  Literally!  No really he did... I was busting at the seams! 

I cannot believe that he has been here for 4 weeks.  What did we used to do without this lil guy! (I am going to be real honest here... because most of you LIE!)  :)  I know exactly what Beep & I used to do... we stayed up late, went out, drank fun drinks, partied with friends... AND SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yeah... it was the good life, SO WE THOUGHT!  Having children is the best thing in the entire world!  There is nothing like it...  THIS, my friends is the GOOD LIFE!

So, let's get back to my little heart-throb, Kingston Hunter!

  It is crazy how much of his personality is already shining through... he is here to teach US! We have been taking notes, and here are some things that you NEED to know about lil Kingston:

*He drinks 6 ounces

*He weighs over 10 lbs. and measuring over 22 inches long.

*He is tracking objects and learning to reach out and grab at them (for instance my glasses, flowers on the door etc.)

*Recognizing voices - especially Mama & Daddy's

*Grunts while creating a "dirty surprise" in his diaper for Mama (cracks me up, no lie)!

*LOVE... LOVE... LOVES... Bath time!

*Sleeps with arms UP, as if riding a roller coaster.

*LOVES to look at the "Pretty Baby" while getting his diaper changed (what a DIVA!)

*Favorite time to be awake is 11:00-1:00 a.m. and 4:30-6:30 a.m.  :)  Feel free to come and visit during these times.

*Could lay on his  "Magic Pad" for hours - this is where "ALL THE MAGIC HAPPENS!"  You know where he gets his grunt on! What a DIRTY-BOY!

*Prefers to be moving, dancing, or swinging...  ALL THE TIME!  (My kind of man!)

He teaches us some-thing new everyday! Just when we think we are starting to get the hang of "Life with Kingston," he changes it up for us once again!

Well, we did it... we have made it for a whole month!  No need for applause...  :)

Beep & I are having the time of our lives! "Parenthood" is such a gift...  what a blessing our little Kingston is!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I am warning you now... it's about to get MUSHY up in here!  If you can handle it... READ ON!

I cannot hold it in any longer... I want to shout it from the rooftop... Beeper Kraus, is not only an amazing husband, but also the best Daddy in the world! (Is this a real shock to anyone... I mean seriously?)

I married the man of my dreams and I loved him with all of my heart... then we had a child together! Everything changed... my heart grew and I now see my husband in a whole NEW light!  I feel as though my heart could explode, because my LOVE for Beeper has surpassed something that I could have never imagined!

I sit here now... glancing over to see him sleeping peacefully with our little blessing!  I reflect back 13 days ago, when Kingston was born and it brings tears to my eyes to remember what all Beep did for the both of us.  From the get go, Beeper was always concerned with how I was doing, feeling, and wanted to know if there was anything that he could do to help me.  He had to help me walk, get in and out of bed, potty, shower... you name it, he had to help me do it.  On top of that "Super Man" was taking care of our newborn baby at the same time.  We kept Kingston in our room the entire time that we were at the hospital.  He would stay day/night taking care of Kingston: changing diapers, feeding, holding, and just loving the little man.  Never complaining, always saying that he wouldn't have it any other way.

I have told him that I really think he missed his calling... he could have been making the BIG BUCKS, because he was supposed to be a "Celebrity Manny!" Maybe next lifetime.  Until then, he is ours...

Beeper is our rock and he definitely puts his family first.  He needs to help other men out and teach them how to be the "COMBO MAN,"  a great husband and Daddy. Kingston and I are so incredibly lucky to have such a caring and loving MAN in our lives. 

So raise your glasses and toast with me.
Here's to Beeper... may you have the best 1st Father's Day ever, 
because you deserve nothing, but the BEST!

Kingston & his Mama    

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kingston Hunter Kraus

To all our LOYAL readers... I apologize for just now updating!  It's been 10 days to long... I promise that it WILL get better!  To tell you the truth and I am really not trying to make excuses... I have just been busy this week!  I mean you know having a baby and all! :)

Now that I have your attention let's back it up...

June 6th

Beep and I arrive at the hospital at 9:30.  I was having some MAJOR anxiety... NO LIE!  I prayed up until we walked through the ER doors, asking God to please send me a sign letting me know that everything would be just fine.  :)  As we were waiting on the elevator, I turned around and out of a room behind us came two men, dressed in black dress suits, and they were rolling out someone all ZIPPED up in a BODY BAG! OMG!!! Really?!?  Not, really the sign that I was looking for...

Super, we have been at the hospital less than 10 minutes and the tears are already building up in my BIG green eyes!  Beep was thinking... "Oh lordy, this could be a LONG day!"

Out the elevator and we are off to Labor and Delivery.  Round the corner and there is Joey, Nicole, and Flipper!  To sweet... after some high-fives we were off to check-in.

I was not heading back for surgery until 12:00, so we had two hours to chill-out, take pictures, and attempt to take-in what was actually about to happen.  Those two hours flew by and before I knew it was SHOW TIME... 

I enter the all white, super cold room (which felt wonderful) and I was thinking, "Is it to late to back out?"  They asked if some Kilgore College interns could watch... I told them that they could, but if I catch any of them posting it on you tube I would hunt them down. :)  I am still on the look out!

Shake.. Poke... Shake... Poke... Shake... Stab... Went my back!  Spinal Block, FINALLY in... Legs go numb... and I am still in SHAKE CITY.  I literally thought that I was going to shake off the table.  They straped down my arms and put up the sheet!  I was ready to see Beep and my Mama walk through the doors!  

The doors open and here came my "SMURFS," Beep and my Mama!  Beep sat right by me and my Mama had a side shot and watched everything that was going on. (No lie she could have delivered her grandson, with no problem!) :)  I kept asking Beep, "are you okay?"  I didn't need him hitting the floor! (No worries, he was a champ!) Also, Thanks Mom for being one "tuff cookie" and taking pictures, while your daughter was being "sliced & diced!  The pictures you took were priceless!!!

"Your going to feel some pressure," says Dr. Hutchison.  PRESSURE?!  It felt as though they had lifted my legs up in the air over my head.  I felt all the blood rush to my head and then, at 12:28, my ears heard the most precious sound... our little baby boy! My eyes were immediately filled with tears of HAPPINESS. I couldn't believe that he was finally here!  They whisked him away and I watched from the side as Kingston's proud Daddy cut the cord.

Beeper walked over and kneeled down beside me... and then he kindly introduced me to our son!  The proudest moment in my life was right then, this was the son that we had been praying for!  He was perfect... and he was ours!  

Kingston Hunter Kraus was born at 12:28 p.m.  He weighed in at 9lbs. 6.7oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.  (He be BIG BOY... BIG BOY long time!)

I am so glad that he is finally here, healthy and ready to enjoy life with his Mama, Daddy, and Bailey Boo!

So here are some long overdue pictures of my precious baby boy and all his family and friends that helped welcome him into the world! :)

A big thanks to the best sister-in-laws in the world!  You two helped capture everything on camera and video and I can't thank you enough!  Thanks for being there!!!  :)  Love ya'll!

Also, to Kingston's TALENTED Big Daddy...  the 7ft. stork was AWESOME!  What a way to come home and let everyone know about our "special delivery!"  You are truly the most talented and creative person that I know. Thanks again for making everything so special and personalized Dad!  Love you so much!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doooo-Do! Dooooo-Do! (Jaws Theme People)

I am sitting at my kitchen table, looking out at the pond, the 3 neighborhood ducks, people leaving for work, others taking there morning stroll.  This is just another day for them... I want to run outside and scream "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS?" But I guess it is too early for all that...   :)  or should I?  

I stayed up last night, with a thousand thoughts running through my head... "Love on Bailey, did you do this, oh don't forget that, Love on Bailey, make a note so you don't forget, wash this, Love on Bailey some more..."  Then I think that my brain had enough and CRASHED!

Is it still totally weird that I cannot wrap my brain around what is actually happening today?  I mean, I have had 39 weeks to prepare my brain for this new little resident that will be living with us and still... I don't believe it!  I set up a nursery fit for a little "King!"  Yet, STILL I DO NOT believe it!  We keep talking about this baby... I feel him daily... I'm talking ALL DAY AND NIGHT... and still I feel like we are talking about someone else!

I was awakened by "boo-coo-tools" of text from family and friends expressing their happiness, prayers, and excitement!  Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers... we are so lucky to be surrounded by such caring people! 

I am beyond the point of excitement... I am so ready for the reality of it all to begin and to see what God has created for us to share with the world! 

On that note... I better go get ready!  This is something that I actually should be ON TIME for, don't you think?  (Otherwise I will never hear the end of it from my Mother, but Mama Shirley you understand don't-cha?)  :)

Let the countdown begin... 


Holla Back! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

We have a PLAN!

I wasn't supposed to go in to see Dr. Hutchison until Tuesday, but I couldn't wait any longer!  I called this morning at 8:00 and she called me back around 9:15, telling me to come on in at 11:00.

We arrive and I can see her eyes are HUGE... she had just looked at Kingston's sonogram pictures and measurements!  She said, "Girl what do you want to do?"  I wanted a plan... and I didn't want to wait until Friday that was FO-SHO!  So she brings in all the sono. data and we start to deliberate.  

Kingston's head is in the 93% percentile and as for his belly... well it was off the charts! My son's TUMMY is SO BIG that it could NOT be measured people!  She then told me that she would prefer to take him out via c-section.  I just nodded thinking, "DAMNIT - Why did I skip all those chapters in my baby books!"  Back to earth... "Okay, yeah I guess I can do that... so when are we talking here?"  "Whenever you want!"  Holy Smokes I am going to get to pick out his birthday...

ALK Brain Thought:  "Yeah, well Wednesday isn't really good for me, because that is our ANNIVERSARY! Hello, Mr. Kingston has to have his OWN day!  Umh... Thursday is the 11th and 6/11/09 I don't really care for that.  Friday is just TOO FAR AWAY!  Back up to tomorrow, Tuesday, 6/9/09... numerical order... multiples of 3...I like that!"  Just an FYI: on 6/9/34; Donald Duck made his 1st film appearance.  That's it... IT WAS MEANT TO BE! lol  

So there you have it people... Big Mama is going to the BIG HOUSE, Good Shepherd tomorrow at 10:00. I will be prepped at noon and Mr. Kingston will come out, into this CRAZY WORLD before 1:00.  NOW THAT IS A PLAN, and if you know me at all, you know that is ALL I ever wanted!  

The only thing is... now I feel like I am taking a test tomorrow that I haven't studied for at all!  Oh geezzz... I've gotta start reading! :)

Stay Tuned,

One Anxious Mama-2-Be 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whooooo wants an update.... Who? Who? Who? Who?

For those of you that don't play the game name that tune very well... I feel the need to tell you to go back and read the title singing the tune "Who let the dogs out! :) There you go... MUCHO BETTA!

I thought that I should put out a written update on Mr. Kingston... if you haven't heard by word of mouth yet!

Tuesday, June 2nd 

I went to the doctor for our regular weekly checkup.  Everything was going normal... I was even impressed that I actually DID NOT gain any weight from the week before! Can I get a little what-what for BIG MAMA?  Anyway, she then says, "umh... I just don't really remember you measuring and looking so BIG last week!"  I'm thinking "umh...  that was below the belt, but I will let it slide!"  She then told me that she thinks that Kingston is going to be bigger than what she had expected and she wants for me to have a sonogram to measure his weight.  Alrighty then... I made an appointment!

 Friday, June 5th

Our appointment was for 11:00... Beeper & I got there at 10:35!  YOWZA - anxious, much?  I was so excited, we hadn't seen him since March.  So we assume our positions and look up at the the screen... and there he was... Mr. Kingston... and all smooched up! Bless his little heart, I just "thought" that he was uncomfortable!  The sono. tech then began to measure his head, belly, and thigh.  "What a big belly he has!" she said. After that she said, "well do you have any clue what he weighs?"  Beep & I had discussed it before... he thought 8 lbs. 5 oz. and I was thinking closer to 8 lbs. 7 oz.   Comically she smiles and states, "well.... my measurements show that right now he weighs 9lbs. 10 oz.!  UH-DOO-WHAT?  Come again?  One more time?  

We then walk out of the room... with CROOKED smiles on our face (for different reasons I am sure)!  I am baffled... Beep is PROUD!  Of course my doctor isn't there for me to talk with her about the results that we have just heard!  My next appointment is Tuesday, June 9th!  Yes, I know, by then my son could weigh close to 10lbs.  Ahhhh! 

As I sit here and type... I glance out the window to see a bright sky, lit up by one BIG FULL MOON!  

 "I'm ready... BRING IT ON... It's GO time people...let's get this BIG slugger OUT!"

Stay tuned... 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gotta Give Props!

Let it be known that I had the BEST photographers to capture my "big-bellied-self" and all my glory.  My sister-in-law, Nicole, and her sister, Jessica have started a photography business... and I'm not just saying this... BUT THEY ROCK!  

I was privileged to have them come to my house and take some maternity pictures... the session lasted three hours... and we had SO MUCH FUN, and yes Beeper was a trooper!  Don't ever let "Lil Kraus" make you think that he doesn't enjoy being in front of the camera!  The Pretty Boy LOVES IT!!!  :) 

Here are some of the pictures that they captured... 

Did they do an AWESOME job or what?  I can't thank you enough Nicole and Jessica for coming down and taking pics of  "our bellies!"  Some how you two managed making this "Big Girl" look halfway decent and for that ALONE... big kisses to you both! Mmmmwwwwwahhhh!

Too see more pics that have been crafted by these "Talented Twin Sisters" check them out at 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm PREGNANT & I'll CRY if I want to!

4:55 the alarm goes off...  Bailey and I are out the door 5:08!  We do our morning walk with fellow Preggo Val.  Come home, take a shower, and then somehow this morning, I ended up back in bed!  :)  This BIG GIRL was tired!

6:20 Bailey is doing her little bark in the laundry room.  I knew she put her ball somewhere where she couldn't get to it.  So, I called her in our room and asked her to please go lay down.  Which she did... SO I THOUGHT!!!

6:45 I finally decide that it is REALLY time to get up AGAIN!  I am dressed and walking into my closet when I feel a dampness underneath my right foot???  Beeper cleaned the carpet yesterday, so at first I thought it must be a place that hadn't dried yet.  I continued to feel around with my feet trying to see if anymore of the carpet was wet... ODD just in that one place.  I make my way down to the floor (which is a task) and decide to use my BIG SNIFFER!  OMG  it is TT, PEE, TINKLE, or whatever cutie little name YOU call it!  SUPER, I have URINE all over my feet and now in my BIG SNIFFER!  Who let their dog in my house to do this... because BAILEY BOO is perfect (besides her gorged anal glands) and would NEVER do something like this!  

At this point, I am NOT HAPPY to say the least, because I am discovering that my dog has lost her mind and did her business on my CLEAN carpet... and it's no where near the door, therefore I know this wasn't a accident.  After making enough noise, Beep gets up mad and looking for Bailey. SHOOOOOT...  Bailey is out underneath Kingston's bed (her newest place to crash!)  That girl doesn't know anything is going on.  Beeper then calls her out from underneath, saying "WHAT DID YOU DO?"  He walks her over to "the SPOT" and then begins to scold.  She has NO IDEA what she is in trouble for... now I am NOT MAD anymore I am SAD, because she doesn't know why Beeper is getting on to her.  She did this hours ago.  So, I scoop her up, take her into the living room, and turn into the Dog Whisperer... telling her that she knows better... BLAH BLAH BLAH!  Oh, but then $#*T hit the fan...

After our talk, I was walking back to the bedroom, when I saw the dress that I wore yesterday out of the laundry basket and on the floor.  I slowly walked up to it like it was a python that was going to strike at any moment... I lifted it up with my fingertips and then I saw it!  My four-legged-little-friend had EATEN a whole in my dress!  "WHAT THE HELL?"  She has OFFICIALLY lost her MIND!!!

GET OUT OF MY WAY...  I grabbed the dress and came barreling down the hall shaking it... oh and I should mention, at this point PREGGO is having a EMOTIONAL breakdown!  Tears are going EVERYWHERE!  Beeper comes running out of the bedroom... I'm sure that he thought I was in labor!  Nope, just have a dress with NO BACKSIDE!  

I am LIVID at Bailey...  Then Beeper, who was just throwing a fit over her "tt episode" says to me "it is okay Amanda, it is not a big deal!"  OH NO, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, thing to say!  My "RAGE" took an awful shift... it moved from Bailey... to BEEPER!!! :(  In my mind I didn't understand why he didn't want to BEAT HER after what she had done... he was more worried about carpet... THAT WE COULD CLEAN! I had LOST it... at this point it was way past time to take my CRAZY EMOTIONAL self to school.

I cried all the way to school... Thinking that my perfect little Bailey is basically acting out due to Mr. Kingston's arrival.  Cried because my dress was now TRASH.  Cried because I TOTALLY lost my marbles on Beep.  Then I cried because I looked like POO! I'm telling ya "IT WAS BAD!"

10:15 Lil Kraus walks in my room... I am puzzled!  He has a sack...  My PRINCE went to MOTHERHOOD and bought me "THE DRESS" and a slice of cookie cake to go with it! I don't care who you are... NOW THAT IS SWEET!  Melted my heart and then I was crying all over again... (can't wait to be TUFF again) He made my day!  :)  I was Happy!

11:15 I called Beep to tell him how much it meant to me, what he had done!  I could barely hear him... so I said "where are you?"  He said, "Oh I am eating with Jeff!"  I was thinking "oh man... I would much rather be with him, eating out, then eating this microwave pizza!"  I then said "Oh that is fun,  I just hope that you aren't eating Gonzalo's!" All I could hear was SILENCE!  (Oh yeah that's where he was)  Poor Beep... I know he was thinking "DAMNIT I can't catch a break!"  

Just an FYI: Not only am I  PSYCHO, I am a PSYCHIC! :)

I haven't been sick these past 9 months, and that is a true blessing, BUT I HAVE had some kind of BI*POLAR MOOD SWINGS!  Beeper has seen me turn into a crazy women at times, and he is ALWAYS trying to make life easier and  better for me!  I know that I don't have to tell you this, but I am so LUCKY to have such a UNDERSTANDING and LOVING husband!

 "SHMILY Beeper Kraus!"       

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been way too long... time to catch up!

Alrighty, let's back it on up...  
My PT family threw me and Mr. Kingston one AMAZING shower!  I really do work for the best school in PINE TREE ISD - the PRIMARY ROCKS!  I am so blessed to have such great people to work with!  Nothing, is better than to be able to say that I work with "ALL MY FRIENDS!"  What is better than that people?  Notta - Nothing!
Mr. Kingston was hooked up with everything that he could imagine and possibly need!  He is going to be one SPOILED little dude!  Would we have it any other way?  I want to thank everyone again that helped make my shower so special, and personable.  I am one lucky preggo chick... :) 
After the shower, my cousin came in town from good ole' Whitesboro, Texas.  She is such a HOOT,  and there is NEVER a dull moment when Angela is around.  
We were sitting up in Mr. Kingston's room looking at all his new stuff  when I noticed my precious Bailey doing something TOTALLY DISGUSTING!  Good Gosh, she was dragging her butt on my floor!  Umh... What the hell?  I immediately yelled, "Bailey Kraus what are you doing?" (Guess what... she didn't answer!)  Anywho, I was thinking great just what we need... our dog to have WORMS ALL UP IN HER BOOTY! As I am freaking out... because Bailey has NEVER done this before, Angela is laughing hysterically saying, "Oh my gosh she just needs YOU to squeeze her anal gland!"  Uh-Do-WHAT?  ANAL GLAND?  SQUEEZED?  And you think that I am going  to do it? Ha... You must BE CRAZY!!!
Needless to say, I thought that this was a STINKY joke until she said that she would do 
it.  Naturally I said, "okay let's go outside, I will get you some toilet paper and GLOVES!"   So, there we were sitting on the deck... I'm held Bailey (who didn't even have a clue how she is about to be TOTALLY VIOLATED!)  and that's when it happened!  A "TOXIN" emerged from my "lil brown dog" a SMELL that NO ONE should ever have to inhale.  My eyes began to water... and my nose was burning!  Ahhhh... I was outside and still couldn't get away from that FUNKY STENCH!  
What's worse is Angela then says... "Good LORD , I didn't even get all of it... there is MORE in there!"  OMG we have to do it AGAIN?  Are you kidding me?  I gagged my way through it and then began to laugh hysterically as Bailey looked at me as if saying, "See I was just trying to drag that Nasty $*#t out of me...LITERALLY!"  She was relieved and unharmed... as for me on the other hand my eyes and nose will NEVER be the same!  
So, now her ANAL gland is filling back up... and NO I will not be going ANYWHERE near her little tan booty!  The next time that she will be relieved is when "VETERINARIAN ANGELA" comes back in town to "Get her Squeeze on!"  
Last weekend was Aidan Cain's 7th birthday! I can't believe how big my little cousins are getting! I mean,  I still call my cousin Baby Paige and she is 9 years old!  :)  It's just insane how fast they, WE, all grow up!  I am going to have to come up with a way to freeze time when Mr. Kingston gets here.  
Needless to say, we had a lot of fun celebrating and just hanging out.  There really isn't anything better then being with your FAMILY, where you are FREE to be YOU and they don't mind when your BIG BABY BELLY hangs out! :)  Love ya'll!!!   

Monday, April 13, 2009

1st Baby Shower for Kingston!

March 28th, I had our 1st baby shower for Kingston!  I didn't think that it could get any better than wedding showers... well guess what?  It can!!!  Baby Showers are SO MUCH FUN (especially when it's YO baby!) Even though you register for all this stuff... it doesn't make it REAL until you get home and lay it all out in his room.  Beeper and I just sat in the floor saying "WOW!"  This is when you realize how blessed you are to have such great friends and family that have helped out during this very special time.  I cannot thank Brenda, Michelle, Crystal, Tina, Teresa, Jennifer, Julie and Paige enough for hosting this shower for us.  Thank you to everything for helping Beeper and I celebrate this AWESOME time in our life!
Some captured moments from the shower...   

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part II

Warning:  In some people's eyes I always seem to tell WAY TOO MUCH information ( TMI if you will.)   So, I am telling you ahead of time that this posting will be no different and this is your opportunity to make a decision... TO READ or NOT TO READ!  As my principal says... "The choice is yours!"  lol

Let's Begin...

March 22nd, Sunday Morning, I awake at 8:30 needing to use the restroom.  Normal right?  I roll back into bed and realize that I have some pain in my lower back on the right side.  Not two minutes later, the urge is back... "OH MAN, REALLY A BLADDER INFECTION?"  I wait until 10'ish  and then decide to give my doctor a call to go ahead and get some antibiotics flowing.

The LONG day goes on and the back pain is getting WORSE, it has now spider webbed up and over my right hip and taking over my tummy.  This is NO BLADDER INFECTION!!!  Braxton Hicks got nothing on this!  Beeper had watched enough rocking and listened to enough moaning, it was time to call the doctor AGAIN!  I called and the on call nurse says that it is sounding like I am having contractions... OMG!  She said that I needed to go to the hospital.  Off we go...

We are placed in a labor and delivery room and they do everything, BUT give me something to relieve the pain!  I mean seriously, can't all the questions, baby monitors, IV's, wait?  I will lay still if you just GIVE ME SOMETHING!  After all the yah-da, yah-da, they discover that KINGSTON is sitting on my right kidney and blocking some fluid from passing through, which was creating somewhat of a fluid pocket. SUPER, I thought... "WELL JUST MOVE HIM!"  Nope, they can't do that... we have to WAIT until HE decides to move!  I feel as though I have already lost CONTROL!  :)  After being rejuvenated and finding a pain killer that wouldn't make me HURL, I was finally doing BETTER!

I know that this next part is TMI, but I can't NOT write about it...

Thursday, I decided to go back to school... evening though I looked and felt like a ZOMBIE!  I was still taking my pills every four hours for my back that was still throbbing.  That evening I thought about something that hadn't happened in 4 days... I haven't had a bowel movement!  This is very ABNORMAL for me.  I looked up the side effects for my pain pills... BINGO the very first one CONSTIPATION!  Houston we have ANOTHER  "STINKIN" problem!  

Friday morning, I called the nurse and she suggested that I take some Milk of Magnesium.  After all the gals at my school told me how WONDERFUL it tasted I couldn't wait to get my hands on some.  So, I took it at lunch... waited and waited some more!  NOTHING!  So, I took it again that evening... STILL NOTTA!  I am now thinking that something is seriously WRONG!  I decided that this "ISSUE" would just have to wait until after my shower on Saturday.  

My shower (which I will be bloggin about soon:) came and went and still NOTTA a RUMBLE or nothing, BUT...  there was one thing that kept being suggested to me to take...  MiraLAX!  

I was desperate it had been almost a week!!!  I got the GOODS and mixed it in my SONIC sweet tea... and did what I do best WAITED!  In less than TWO HOURS  a miracle happened at 212 Millpond Drive.  I have never been so excited about a BM in my life! :)

Let this be a lesson learned... don't let yourself get BACKED-UP, when there is an AMAZING powder out there to help you!   I stand by this product! I swear by MiraLAX... this stuff is THE BOMB BABY!!! 

Here's hoping that MiraLAX, will put me on a commercial, to share my story and help others, so they don't get "plugged" like I did!  People need to know that there are resources out there to help them in their time of need!

Thank you for reading my story! :)



Saturday, March 21, 2009


WOW!  Do I ever have SO MUCH to share... be prepared guys this is going to be a LONG-DOOZIE!!!
It all started last Friday, when Beep and I made a quick trip to good ole' Prosper, Texas to visit "My PREGGO" Michelle and James!  I wanted to see her BEAUTIFUL house and hang out ONE last time before we became Mommies!  We had so much fun... ate SO MUCH FOOD... and grossed out our husbands like we always seem to do.  There is something about when the two of us get together we turn into.... well BOYS!!!  We had two main goals for that weekend... take some BELLY PICS and go on a LONG WALK (we love to go on walks!)  Saturday we were off... Jetta & Bailey Boo were ready to go!  Needless to say, our pace has SLOWED down incredibly... and an hour in 1/2 later we were dead tired and ready to get back.  I could see Michelle's house and the only thing that was stopping me was a fence.  No big deal right?  I mean hands down I knew that we could get through the fence...  if not we could climb it! :)  HA!!!
As we get closer to the fence, Michelle says "Manda there is no way I can get through that fence!"  Oh, but I am still confident that BIG MAMA can do this!!!  Nothing is more comical than a BIG GIRL thinking that she isn't very big and attempting to CORK herself through a fence.  I swear it was an optical illusion... It looked bigger from a distance!  Anywho, I just knew that I could have climbed over it, but Michelle wasn't EVEN going to let that happen.  :)  Someone has to look out for me!
After wasting SO MUCH TIME... we decided to
 get walking, and we finally made it home.  After, downing some water we were delirious and took some BELLY PICS!  
I have said for the past 7 months that there was NO WAY I would ever post any belly pics on my blog, because I care about my BLOGGIN BUDDIES EYES!  Well consider this a warning...  if you wish to save your eyes you 
may stop reading now!  If your feeling a little daring then venture on... don't say I didn't warn ya!

Like always, we had so much fun,  just spending time together.  How exciting it is that we will have OUR little BOYS at the same time!  I mean really Michelle I don't think that we could have planned it any better! ;)  So, let the countdown begin until those little dudes jump out of our BIG BELLIES...  and the REAL FUN begins!  Thanks again Michelle and James for letting us crash at your BEAUTIFUL CASA!

I just thought that my Spring Break was over... little did I know that my weekend was about to take a turn for the worse!!!
Stay Tuned for Part II

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hip-Hip Hooray!!!

Well first off... can I get a BIG WHOO-HOO?  LOUDER PEOPLE... IT IS SPRING BREAK for goodness sake!!!  Needless to say I am beyond excited... A break long overdue that is FO-SHO!!!
Beeper and I have been cleaning out the upstairs... "YOW-ZA" have we ever collected a bunch of CRAP!  Now, I can proudly brush my hands together and say "ALL CLEAN!"  
Next, up on the list was to get one of our guest rooms ready for a new resident that is planning on moving in this June!  You just never know about people... sometimes they SHOW UP early so we new we had to start eventually and Spring Break seemed like a perfect time. 
Almost seven months ago, I began to think about Kingston's nursery...  Ha!  Who am I kidding? I have thought about it since I was little, playing house with Lauren and Whitney and the rest of the Northwood Crew!
As mentioned earlier I have had some ideas... You see this is how it has always worked, I come up with the ideas, pass them on to my INSANELY CREATIVE DADDY, and HE makes it happen!  We work great as a team that way!  (Love you Daddy! :)  
As luck would have it... my Dad took off the same week as my spring break!  Lucky for him right?  I said "Dad this is going to be EASY... here are the colors I would like striped on the wall, and on this wall we are going to create a magnetic chalkboard, then on top of the chalkboard, I wish that you would draw a big "K" with a crown!"  If you know my Dad, there is nothing that MOOSE can't do... and like always he looked at me and said "Yeah, okay we can do that!"  
He started on Friday... and we officially finished Kingston's room on Monday!  My chalkboard took us a little longer than expected!  You see I I wanted a magnetic chalkboard... it would have been too easy to go and by one from the store!  I wanted something different and I don't do easy anyway (I get that from my Mama!)  After buying the different paints, to create this one of a kind chalkboard, I realized that if we do it right... it is going to take some time!  (Have I mentioned that my Dad is a PERFECTIONIST!)  So, it took us some time!

Of course throughout the weekend I had to document everything that was happening.   

Kingston's room is perfect... exactly the way I imagined!  
I couldn't have done ANY of it without one special person...  
My Dad, 
Thank you again for helping make another one of my visions come true!

Side Note to BIG DADDY:  
I just realized that we still have five more days left...  do you know what all we could get accomplished?  No worries I'll start thinking...  
You know you love me!  :)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Peek In on Kingston Hunter...

So I am LONG overdue for a posting... I KNOW, I KNOW, I have heard ALL of you!  You want an update?  Your wish is my command!

Let's back up to February 5th...   We went in for  a normal checkup and at the end Dr. Hucheson revealed that Kingston had a Chorid Plexus Cyst on his brain.  She told us not to be alarmed and not to worry, because they believe that this is another form of development.  NOT to WORRY?  Ha... 
Even better she told us that our next appointment wouldn't be until March 4th. For a month we were supposed to NOT worry!  YEA RIGHT!!!  What made it even worse was I came home and did exactly what you should never do... began searching on the INTERNET!   I knew better... but I READ everything, the GOOD and the BAD. 
Long story short... March 4th finally made it here.  Our appointment was at 7:30.  So at 7:30 I had blood taken for the diabetes test, YES, I finally got to drink that AWFUL drink that everyone loves so much.  I must say it really wasn't that bad... Now, don't get me wrong it totally made me GAG, but it was fun to CHUG something again! (LOL) Just kidding... or AM I? :)  After, getting my arm jabbed we headed up to the 2nd floor for the BIG SONOGRAM!  Nothing but GREAT news.  Our prayers had been answered and the cyst was COMPLETELY gone!  I was relieved and to top it off I passed the other test so we didn't have to hang out there for another 3 hours!
All-in-all another great day... God is good! 

Here are a couple of pics from the sonogram...

No lie... does Kingston not look like Benjamin Button here... SERIOUSLY?

This most likely will be the LAST time that we get to peek in on our Lil Guy!  I can not wait to see him...  hopefully the next 3 months will fly by just like the past 6!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Naming your child has to be one of the HARDEST things that you do!  It has definitely not been taken lightly over at OUR house.  We have gone back and forth between TWO names, but it is very HARD when you like those two names EQUALLY so much! 
We have asked our friends and family their opinion... HOPING that would help our decision!  Well of course it really did not help because ULTIMATELY we were STILL going to NAME the little man what WE wanted!  Oh geezzzz... back to square one...
There was one "family member" that Beeper and I had STILL not asked for HER opinion!  I mean this girl is honestly one of my best friends and has been with me through everything the past 2 1/2 years.  She is always there for me and I TRULY felt that her little "voice" deserved to be RECOGNIZED!!!  So Beep and I sat down with her and listened...

2 out of three...

So there you have it... Miss Bailey Boo has SPOKEN!  
PAWS DOWN... she is going with KINGSTON!

Beep and I have decided FOR SURE that we have come up with the 
PERFECT name for OUR SON!!!
(and with Bailey's acceptance, we can't go wrong)  
Drum Roll please... 

Kingston Hunter Kraus

Of course we had to go tell Hunter Jacob the BIG NEWS!!!
He was excited to say the least!  It was the nephew that he prayed for and he was going to be NAMED AFTER HIS UNCLE!!!

What more can you ask for? 
Well, Hunter did wonder why we didn't go with Hunter for the 1st name!!!  
It's never enough is it???

So there you go... 
Kingston Hunter Kraus 
Let's go get something MONOGRAMED MAMA!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our little SECRET!

Today I got to share my news with not only my friends at school, but with the KRAUS CREW!  They have played such a BIG role in my pregnancy.  They are very involved and we talk about Mrs.Kraus' little BUMP daily... they love to tell me how BIG it is getting! Honestly, can you ever imagine telling your teacher that they were getting BIG?  Hey they are HONEST... I respect that!  :)  Anyway, I wanted to share our events that took place today and how the Kraus Crew find out what our "NEWEST" Kraus Crew Member was going to be.
First, I had the morning message on the board, which explained that BIG NEWS was awaiting.  Then, I told them why I was gone the day before... because I went to the doctor. They knew that I had found out what it was because we have been counting down for a couple of months now!  Moving on... I then passed out paper hearts for them to write down their predictions.  Afterwards, we tallied them all up.  We then met at the rug and I revealed that the majority of the class was right... I was having a BOY! They were so excited!!!  I told them that this was our SECRET and we would tell the school the afternoon. (ha "our secret" Do you really think the chicks at my school could have waited that long? - they cheated and looked on the BLOG! :) Anyway, I told them that I have a little jingle that we could learn and we could announce it this afternoon. Whoo-hoo!  They were excited and it was ON!!!  After practicing some, I showed them BABY KRAUS pictures on the computer.  After that, we read one of my most favorite books... I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! 

Here are some pics from our BUSY day...

The Kraus Crew - when they found out the BIG NEWS!

What you want to see how our "Lil Jingle" went down?
Check out the SHOW!!!

Now, please don't judge... we had to learn it under a short period of time! :)

So there you have it... This is how the "BIG NEWS" went down at the Primary!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This morning was insane I couldn't sleep for anything.  I got up and ate my usual... 2 waffles and began drinking UP SOME WATER!  I was going to make sure that we could see the baby and ALL of his/her glory!  

Our appointment was at 11:00 and of course Beep and I showed up right at 11:00 and not a minute earlier... (it is just what I do!)  Oh, and of course my Mama & Daddy and Frannie were all there before us (it is just what they do.)  (I unfortunately didn't inherit that gene.)  
Did I mention that this was a total family affair?  Hey, You know Amanda Laine loves a Party!  So we all PILE in the dark room and take our places in front of the little 15" monitor!  (Oh I feel the need to mention that Flipper was unable to make it due to a "Belly Jelly" issue - we all know that he has ISSUES, but this one trumps them all!  So he HAPPILY awaited, but on speaker phone of course!) :)
The show began with some measurements... they measured the brain, kidneys, spine, all the little organs, etc.  The baby continued to keep his/her legs tightly closed the whole time.  Then apparently the baby got tired and realized that we were on a mission so it gave us a sneak peak...
As promised...

Yes!  I am a physic and the PENCIL TEST is CORRECT AGAIN!!! 
It's a boy... It's a boy!  I am crazy excited!

Here are some pictures of our Precious Little BOY!!!
I am in tears just typing that out... I can't believe that this day has FINALLY COME!

This picture proves we're having a SON!

Full body shot... 
Would you check out the posture on that boy!
Sitting up already? lol

This is an up close picture of his face.  
We think that he may be a little BOXER...
 today he was working on his punching skills!

Okay now come on this is just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!
Our little guy is just relaxing... already a KRAUS, crossing his feet and ready for a NAP!

As you can tell I am so PROUD and EXCITED!  Thank you for letting me gush about our happiness... but, please let me type this just one more time... 
Okay, that will hold me over until the next blog!  :)

Love ya'll,
A. Laine

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tomorrow brings BIG news people.  In less than 24 hours Beep and I will find out if we will be having a BOY or GIRL! It feels like Christmas Eve, at my house (NO this is not because I have a lit tree in my living room.) lol  
I am gushing with EXCITEMENT!  Holy Smokes... this is what we have been waiting for the past 150 days!  That is a LONG time!!!
People have been asking me, "So Amanda are you going to find out what it is or let it be a surprise?"  I just stare at them and inside I am thinking... "umh, DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?"  Seriously, I am like a HUGE planner... My whole life is one BIG plan!  Anyway, for all you crazy folk out there wondering... YES WE WILL BE FINDING OUT, and did I mention we FIND OUT TOMORROW!!!  Okay, I realize it is a little sickening my giddiness and all... "BUT I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!!"  (Okay, that was a little over the top, I'll even admit that!) 
I just wanted you all to know that tomorrow we will know which one of you are WINNERS and who of you are the LOSERS!  No matter what the case, I'll still love ya (Mama always said losers need love to!)
Here's hoping that "Baby Kraus" cooperates tomorrow... and if it is a PRISSY GIRL she will be practicing her SPLITS  and if it is a TUFF BOY he will be showing off his MAD AIR JORDAN POSE!  
Whoo-hoo!  Alright, I have to go and talk to "MY BELLY" and discuss the importance of tomorrow.. Stay tuned everybody our appointment is at 11:00... BIG NEWS SHALL FOLLOW!   :)   

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You never know who is listening...

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!  Today was a day to remember forever... NO MATTER your race, gender or age!  I learned that more today from my little "Kraus Crew" friends...      
So we started off the day reading stories and discussing how great it is to be an American.  Which led us into how our parents got to vote for our president, just like we vote on things everyday, in our class.  That is when the stories came FLOODING.... Parents truly under estimate their children and how much they HEAR, RETAIN and TELL their teachers!  You would have thought that my children ACTUALLY voted in the election.  It was a debate... and IT WAS ON!!!
A couple of FUNNY quotes from the "Kraus Crew:" 
  • Mrs. Kraus is "Rocco Boom-u" going to steal my money like he is going to steal my Mommy and Daddy's? 
  • Mrs. Kraus, I like Obama, and I would have been friends with Hillary Clinton too... EVEN though she is WHITE!  My mama said she's AIGHT!!! :) lol (I don't care who you are... NOW that is FUNNY!!!)
I must admit I did let this go on for a while, because it was hilarious to hear what ALL was coming out of their little innocent mouths.  At the same time, I was excited to learn that all of this was actually being discussed in their home... PEOPLE FINALLY CARED!!!
Moving on:  So I came up with some hats to make... I thought they would be festively fun,  AND THEY WERE!!! :) We wrote on them President (last name)... So I was finally President Kraus for the day.  (hmmm... I wonder if they wondered why President Obama didn't have his festive hat on during the inauguration?)   

I feel the need to mention that I had 6 friends missing from this picture... in a perfect world you would only have 12 children on a daily basis.  :)

This afternoon we also made a Kindergarten "Student Body" American Flag! They had so much fun... fingers crossed we will be in the paper tomorrow!
Here's to being a PROUD American, Loving Kids Innocence, and knowing that "DREAMS" really do come true!

God Bless,
Amanda Laine
a.k.a.  President A. Kraus
(It really does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to OWN up!!!

First of all, let me thank you for voting on what you think our little Baby Kraus is.  It has been VERY interesting to say the least, watching the number of people that actually think that this child could possibly be a GIRL!!!
This leads me to my next request...  I am now asking for all you "Dream Girls" to speak out and own up to your vote.  Let me know who you are... I am dying to know.  So please if you are one of the "PINK FANS" leave me your name, in the comment box below.
Thanks again for playing "NAME THAT SEX!"  For all you dirty minded folks I am still talking about my LOVE CHILD!!!
Give it up and START COMMENTING!!!