Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom Night


Tonight was another milestone for Hunter Jacob... PROM! He looked so handsome & his girlfriend, Brianna, was beautiful in her sparkling tangerine dress! Precious cleans up real nice like! I had so much fun partaking in the "water front" photo shoot... I LOVED IT! Thank you two for letting me be apart! It was so mind boggling to look out into the crowd at promenade and see all the parents, of the once "little boys" that played with Hunter on pee-wee football... and to know those boys, like Hunter, are all grown up now and about to embark on a new life. CRAZY!!! A time that we never thought would come, but came much too quickly... in a couple of weeks Hunter will join me and become a PINE TREE ALUMNI!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5 and 0

We have a target on our backs. We are the only team in the league that is undefeated sitting at 5 and 0 as well as the only team that has its own team videographer. Thanks Amanda, we all enjoy it.
Zach White hit the ball well last week and we are expecting big thins from him this week at the plate. Hunter had some fans there this week and it showed at the plate. He was frustrated and of course, we have video to prove it.
Big Joe hit the ball well again wearing his lime green shorts that took him yard again. Your boy Blake Tucker handled 3rd base like a true 3rd basemen, making great plays. Charles has to be the best pitcher in the city of Longview, Chad Powell closed the game with a charging catch out in left field. Wednesday night will be a test for Charles in Charge because we play the late game at 9:30.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Off to the races!

We got all dressed up... we were off to the Kentucky Derby Races! We had the "Big Wig" hats & money in our pockets. We all went over to Joey & Nicole's for some friendly betting. (They recorded hours & hours of the races from earlier!) We drew our numbers... & took our places for the 1st race.
So we start the races... Dang first race down and no one wins! OH WELL, MORE MONEY IN THE POT FOR ME NEXT TIME! I have to mention that the first race took up 2 hours of the recording time! Yeah, so we only had two hours left! :) Next race... again like the first... NO WINNER! Whoo-hoo... more money into the POT PEOPLE! (Note: that race accounted for another hour of recording time!) Can you imagine if you were really there & you had to spend 6 hours to watch a couple of races! NO THANK YOU! Okay, back to the races... Down to the wire & we are hoping that we can get in one more race because there is only like 20 minutes left of recording! We drew the last numbers of the evening... I had #13,#20 & Beep had #12. There off... at this point the horses are in one huge clump, you can not see any of their #'s. Then one horse takes the lead & starts smoking the others leaving them in his DUST... literally! (I am sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that the jockey was totally beating it with his little whip--- HORSE ABUSE!) Anywho? So the race is over and that horse won... Finally, I can see the horse's #! WHAT? #20... BIG BROWN wins which means... AMANDA WINS! Whoo-hoo! Look out BIG WINNER of $24.00! It was a GREAT night: got to dress up, eat great snacks & pizza, spend time with family & friends & I WON! Thanks Joey & Nicole for using up all your DVR time for those 3 races... :) WE HAD LOTS OF FUN!!!