Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tune In...

I had to share... For those of you that have XM Radio, Channel 51 is doing a Coldplay Marathon for the next 30 days! Yeah, I know AWESOME right! I love them... just thought that I would let my fellow Coldplay "Lov-uhhhs" (as Carey Bradshaw would say) know!

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that some of you can not see (located on the right) my bloggin buddies, past posts, or my playlist. It appears perfectly fine on my computer, so I was unaware of this problem for quite some time. Please leave a comment and tell me if you see these things or if you TOO are missing out!

Thanks for all your help.
Happy Listening!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kranky's Beach Bash!

We're Back! We spent a whole week on the beach in Navarre, Florida. Oh my gosh, it was amazing... & much needed might I add!

First off... Beeper & I want to thank Uncle Kranky & Aunt Sarah again for their generosity & including us on their family trip! You made it all happen & I hope that you know how much we appreciate it! While I am thanking folks...

Let me just break in down...


Flipper & Frannie - Who shuttled, not only Beeper & I but... ALL OUR STUFF! Who is never without a Lionel CD when it is time for the "Annual Kraus Suburban Concert." Also, thank you for cooking literally every meal - breakfast, lunch, and AMAZING DINNERS! Hey, who wants some CHICKEN SALAD? --POINT--

Jeff (Prissy) - Who never forgets to bring all his "lil monsters" (lol), & is always coming up with "new material" & most importantly... never lets me down when we are going over the PENSACOLA BRIDGE. :)

Carson Grant (Diggy) - Who showed us how to act like a GORILLA, & "dick'n" everyone involved with all your entertainment!

Lauren Brooke (Sissy) - Who always was in good spirits & never hesitated when I would ask her to be my photographer. Thank you again for all your help!

Jennifer & Sean (Senator) - Who brought the Wii that kept everyone entertained ALL WEEK! Who helped me check off two things on my 'bucket list!" Who lived it up at the Juana Club, danced, and camped out on the beach with Beep & I! Thanks for the memories... That was AWESOME! (I wonder if the 'Lil Gnome" is still sitting on his perch?)

Chase (Wheeler) - Who was a great roommate - thanks for not snoring! Seriously!!! And who continues to keep us laughing his contagious cackle.

Jordan - Who came into this BIG KRAZY family and gave Flipper someone else to make fun of besides... ME! I really do appreciate it!

Uncle Kranky & Aunt Sarah - Who ventured out into the treacherous waters with me and Beep! Who provided us with a memorable trip, vermicelli, & wine tasting, at its finest! Thanks again for everything!

Another good trip with FAMILY! It doesn't get better than that!
Enjoy the pics... you know I only took A FEW!

Love you guys!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 GiDDy BeaCh BuMs!

Let the count-down begin, in less than 30 hours Beep & I will be in a packed suburban heading to the BEACH! Whoo-hoo! Oh my geezzzzz.... We are stoked and are happily welcoming the eight hour drive! :) Well technically for me it is roughly a 4 hour drive... I tend to fall asleep sometimes, (lol) oh alright...EVERYTIME!
Hey, guess what Prissy, I MADE PUPPYCHOW! Should have known not to make it today, Lil Beep can not stay out of it... he is such a SNACKER! Anywho, I will be making some more tomorrow... HERE'S TO VACATION! This pic goes out to "All My Rowdy Family," R U Ready 4 A "GOOD TIME" & R U Ready 2 "PAR--TAYYYY!" Can you tell who started their Pre-Party already? (POINT!) SOMEBODY GET US TO THE BEACH!!!