Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part II

Warning:  In some people's eyes I always seem to tell WAY TOO MUCH information ( TMI if you will.)   So, I am telling you ahead of time that this posting will be no different and this is your opportunity to make a decision... TO READ or NOT TO READ!  As my principal says... "The choice is yours!"  lol

Let's Begin...

March 22nd, Sunday Morning, I awake at 8:30 needing to use the restroom.  Normal right?  I roll back into bed and realize that I have some pain in my lower back on the right side.  Not two minutes later, the urge is back... "OH MAN, REALLY A BLADDER INFECTION?"  I wait until 10'ish  and then decide to give my doctor a call to go ahead and get some antibiotics flowing.

The LONG day goes on and the back pain is getting WORSE, it has now spider webbed up and over my right hip and taking over my tummy.  This is NO BLADDER INFECTION!!!  Braxton Hicks got nothing on this!  Beeper had watched enough rocking and listened to enough moaning, it was time to call the doctor AGAIN!  I called and the on call nurse says that it is sounding like I am having contractions... OMG!  She said that I needed to go to the hospital.  Off we go...

We are placed in a labor and delivery room and they do everything, BUT give me something to relieve the pain!  I mean seriously, can't all the questions, baby monitors, IV's, wait?  I will lay still if you just GIVE ME SOMETHING!  After all the yah-da, yah-da, they discover that KINGSTON is sitting on my right kidney and blocking some fluid from passing through, which was creating somewhat of a fluid pocket. SUPER, I thought... "WELL JUST MOVE HIM!"  Nope, they can't do that... we have to WAIT until HE decides to move!  I feel as though I have already lost CONTROL!  :)  After being rejuvenated and finding a pain killer that wouldn't make me HURL, I was finally doing BETTER!

I know that this next part is TMI, but I can't NOT write about it...

Thursday, I decided to go back to school... evening though I looked and felt like a ZOMBIE!  I was still taking my pills every four hours for my back that was still throbbing.  That evening I thought about something that hadn't happened in 4 days... I haven't had a bowel movement!  This is very ABNORMAL for me.  I looked up the side effects for my pain pills... BINGO the very first one CONSTIPATION!  Houston we have ANOTHER  "STINKIN" problem!  

Friday morning, I called the nurse and she suggested that I take some Milk of Magnesium.  After all the gals at my school told me how WONDERFUL it tasted I couldn't wait to get my hands on some.  So, I took it at lunch... waited and waited some more!  NOTHING!  So, I took it again that evening... STILL NOTTA!  I am now thinking that something is seriously WRONG!  I decided that this "ISSUE" would just have to wait until after my shower on Saturday.  

My shower (which I will be bloggin about soon:) came and went and still NOTTA a RUMBLE or nothing, BUT...  there was one thing that kept being suggested to me to take...  MiraLAX!  

I was desperate it had been almost a week!!!  I got the GOODS and mixed it in my SONIC sweet tea... and did what I do best WAITED!  In less than TWO HOURS  a miracle happened at 212 Millpond Drive.  I have never been so excited about a BM in my life! :)

Let this be a lesson learned... don't let yourself get BACKED-UP, when there is an AMAZING powder out there to help you!   I stand by this product! I swear by MiraLAX... this stuff is THE BOMB BABY!!! 

Here's hoping that MiraLAX, will put me on a commercial, to share my story and help others, so they don't get "plugged" like I did!  People need to know that there are resources out there to help them in their time of need!

Thank you for reading my story! :)



Saturday, March 21, 2009


WOW!  Do I ever have SO MUCH to share... be prepared guys this is going to be a LONG-DOOZIE!!!
It all started last Friday, when Beep and I made a quick trip to good ole' Prosper, Texas to visit "My PREGGO" Michelle and James!  I wanted to see her BEAUTIFUL house and hang out ONE last time before we became Mommies!  We had so much fun... ate SO MUCH FOOD... and grossed out our husbands like we always seem to do.  There is something about when the two of us get together we turn into.... well BOYS!!!  We had two main goals for that weekend... take some BELLY PICS and go on a LONG WALK (we love to go on walks!)  Saturday we were off... Jetta & Bailey Boo were ready to go!  Needless to say, our pace has SLOWED down incredibly... and an hour in 1/2 later we were dead tired and ready to get back.  I could see Michelle's house and the only thing that was stopping me was a fence.  No big deal right?  I mean hands down I knew that we could get through the fence...  if not we could climb it! :)  HA!!!
As we get closer to the fence, Michelle says "Manda there is no way I can get through that fence!"  Oh, but I am still confident that BIG MAMA can do this!!!  Nothing is more comical than a BIG GIRL thinking that she isn't very big and attempting to CORK herself through a fence.  I swear it was an optical illusion... It looked bigger from a distance!  Anywho, I just knew that I could have climbed over it, but Michelle wasn't EVEN going to let that happen.  :)  Someone has to look out for me!
After wasting SO MUCH TIME... we decided to
 get walking, and we finally made it home.  After, downing some water we were delirious and took some BELLY PICS!  
I have said for the past 7 months that there was NO WAY I would ever post any belly pics on my blog, because I care about my BLOGGIN BUDDIES EYES!  Well consider this a warning...  if you wish to save your eyes you 
may stop reading now!  If your feeling a little daring then venture on... don't say I didn't warn ya!

Like always, we had so much fun,  just spending time together.  How exciting it is that we will have OUR little BOYS at the same time!  I mean really Michelle I don't think that we could have planned it any better! ;)  So, let the countdown begin until those little dudes jump out of our BIG BELLIES...  and the REAL FUN begins!  Thanks again Michelle and James for letting us crash at your BEAUTIFUL CASA!

I just thought that my Spring Break was over... little did I know that my weekend was about to take a turn for the worse!!!
Stay Tuned for Part II

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hip-Hip Hooray!!!

Well first off... can I get a BIG WHOO-HOO?  LOUDER PEOPLE... IT IS SPRING BREAK for goodness sake!!!  Needless to say I am beyond excited... A break long overdue that is FO-SHO!!!
Beeper and I have been cleaning out the upstairs... "YOW-ZA" have we ever collected a bunch of CRAP!  Now, I can proudly brush my hands together and say "ALL CLEAN!"  
Next, up on the list was to get one of our guest rooms ready for a new resident that is planning on moving in this June!  You just never know about people... sometimes they SHOW UP early so we new we had to start eventually and Spring Break seemed like a perfect time. 
Almost seven months ago, I began to think about Kingston's nursery...  Ha!  Who am I kidding? I have thought about it since I was little, playing house with Lauren and Whitney and the rest of the Northwood Crew!
As mentioned earlier I have had some ideas... You see this is how it has always worked, I come up with the ideas, pass them on to my INSANELY CREATIVE DADDY, and HE makes it happen!  We work great as a team that way!  (Love you Daddy! :)  
As luck would have it... my Dad took off the same week as my spring break!  Lucky for him right?  I said "Dad this is going to be EASY... here are the colors I would like striped on the wall, and on this wall we are going to create a magnetic chalkboard, then on top of the chalkboard, I wish that you would draw a big "K" with a crown!"  If you know my Dad, there is nothing that MOOSE can't do... and like always he looked at me and said "Yeah, okay we can do that!"  
He started on Friday... and we officially finished Kingston's room on Monday!  My chalkboard took us a little longer than expected!  You see I I wanted a magnetic chalkboard... it would have been too easy to go and by one from the store!  I wanted something different and I don't do easy anyway (I get that from my Mama!)  After buying the different paints, to create this one of a kind chalkboard, I realized that if we do it right... it is going to take some time!  (Have I mentioned that my Dad is a PERFECTIONIST!)  So, it took us some time!

Of course throughout the weekend I had to document everything that was happening.   

Kingston's room is perfect... exactly the way I imagined!  
I couldn't have done ANY of it without one special person...  
My Dad, 
Thank you again for helping make another one of my visions come true!

Side Note to BIG DADDY:  
I just realized that we still have five more days left...  do you know what all we could get accomplished?  No worries I'll start thinking...  
You know you love me!  :)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Peek In on Kingston Hunter...

So I am LONG overdue for a posting... I KNOW, I KNOW, I have heard ALL of you!  You want an update?  Your wish is my command!

Let's back up to February 5th...   We went in for  a normal checkup and at the end Dr. Hucheson revealed that Kingston had a Chorid Plexus Cyst on his brain.  She told us not to be alarmed and not to worry, because they believe that this is another form of development.  NOT to WORRY?  Ha... 
Even better she told us that our next appointment wouldn't be until March 4th. For a month we were supposed to NOT worry!  YEA RIGHT!!!  What made it even worse was I came home and did exactly what you should never do... began searching on the INTERNET!   I knew better... but I READ everything, the GOOD and the BAD. 
Long story short... March 4th finally made it here.  Our appointment was at 7:30.  So at 7:30 I had blood taken for the diabetes test, YES, I finally got to drink that AWFUL drink that everyone loves so much.  I must say it really wasn't that bad... Now, don't get me wrong it totally made me GAG, but it was fun to CHUG something again! (LOL) Just kidding... or AM I? :)  After, getting my arm jabbed we headed up to the 2nd floor for the BIG SONOGRAM!  Nothing but GREAT news.  Our prayers had been answered and the cyst was COMPLETELY gone!  I was relieved and to top it off I passed the other test so we didn't have to hang out there for another 3 hours!
All-in-all another great day... God is good! 

Here are a couple of pics from the sonogram...

No lie... does Kingston not look like Benjamin Button here... SERIOUSLY?

This most likely will be the LAST time that we get to peek in on our Lil Guy!  I can not wait to see him...  hopefully the next 3 months will fly by just like the past 6!