Monday, February 2, 2009


Naming your child has to be one of the HARDEST things that you do!  It has definitely not been taken lightly over at OUR house.  We have gone back and forth between TWO names, but it is very HARD when you like those two names EQUALLY so much! 
We have asked our friends and family their opinion... HOPING that would help our decision!  Well of course it really did not help because ULTIMATELY we were STILL going to NAME the little man what WE wanted!  Oh geezzzz... back to square one...
There was one "family member" that Beeper and I had STILL not asked for HER opinion!  I mean this girl is honestly one of my best friends and has been with me through everything the past 2 1/2 years.  She is always there for me and I TRULY felt that her little "voice" deserved to be RECOGNIZED!!!  So Beep and I sat down with her and listened...

2 out of three...

So there you have it... Miss Bailey Boo has SPOKEN!  
PAWS DOWN... she is going with KINGSTON!

Beep and I have decided FOR SURE that we have come up with the 
PERFECT name for OUR SON!!!
(and with Bailey's acceptance, we can't go wrong)  
Drum Roll please... 

Kingston Hunter Kraus

Of course we had to go tell Hunter Jacob the BIG NEWS!!!
He was excited to say the least!  It was the nephew that he prayed for and he was going to be NAMED AFTER HIS UNCLE!!!

What more can you ask for? 
Well, Hunter did wonder why we didn't go with Hunter for the 1st name!!!  
It's never enough is it???

So there you go... 
Kingston Hunter Kraus 
Let's go get something MONOGRAMED MAMA!!!