Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hands are Yummy!

I'm back... Man talk about taking a break!  Like always let me catch ya up to date...

So Mr. Kingston is now 2 1/2 months old! :) Seriously can you believe it?  Time has flown by... as summers usually do!  At KHK's 2 month dr. apt. he weighed  14lbs. and was 25 1/2 inches long.  

We just recently went through ANOTHER growth spurt and had to DASH off to Tyler for some "6 month clothing shopping!"  FUN-FUN!  I mean seriously the child was looking like I couldn't handle him growing up, so I was determine to make 3 month outfits still look cute!  I swear it happened over night!  Anywho... Tyler got the job done!  He no longer looks like a orphan child... bless his heart!

Mr. Kingston is cooing up a storm... I think that this is due to him spending so much time with his YAYA! He definitely will not struggle with a language barrier that is FO-SHO.  I can't wait when he can start telling me what all they talk about ALL day!  He comes home flat worn out... :)  I LOVE IT!  It's great!  

He is smiling all the time... and it isn't GAS!   He thinks I AM FUNNY!  It is great to have someone in my house who FINALLY laughs at my jokes, even if he is a "wee little one!"

SLOBBER... OHHHHH DO WE EVER SLOBBER!  I swear he slobbers worse than any bulldog I have ever seen.  This could quite possibly be due to the fact that our mouth is ALWAYS open, because we are trying to attack our "new friend,"  OUR HAND!  Oh, Kingston loves Mr. Hand!  He tries to stick the WHOLE thing inside his mouth... it is fascinating to watch and then scary, because what am I going to do if this actually happens?  (Come on people you know what I am going to do... GRAB MY CAMERA!)

Anywho... here is a short video of Mr. Kingston being his CUTE SELF... and Mr. Hand!