Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One month... REALLY?

I am sitting in my bed.... looking over at my precious baby boy, Mr. Kingston as he peacefully sleeps.  He doesn't even know that exactly one month ago he BUSTED out of his Mama's belly! :)  Literally!  No really he did... I was busting at the seams! 

I cannot believe that he has been here for 4 weeks.  What did we used to do without this lil guy! (I am going to be real honest here... because most of you LIE!)  :)  I know exactly what Beep & I used to do... we stayed up late, went out, drank fun drinks, partied with friends... AND SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yeah... it was the good life, SO WE THOUGHT!  Having children is the best thing in the entire world!  There is nothing like it...  THIS, my friends is the GOOD LIFE!

So, let's get back to my little heart-throb, Kingston Hunter!

  It is crazy how much of his personality is already shining through... he is here to teach US! We have been taking notes, and here are some things that you NEED to know about lil Kingston:

*He drinks 6 ounces

*He weighs over 10 lbs. and measuring over 22 inches long.

*He is tracking objects and learning to reach out and grab at them (for instance my glasses, flowers on the door etc.)

*Recognizing voices - especially Mama & Daddy's

*Grunts while creating a "dirty surprise" in his diaper for Mama (cracks me up, no lie)!

*LOVE... LOVE... LOVES... Bath time!

*Sleeps with arms UP, as if riding a roller coaster.

*LOVES to look at the "Pretty Baby" while getting his diaper changed (what a DIVA!)

*Favorite time to be awake is 11:00-1:00 a.m. and 4:30-6:30 a.m.  :)  Feel free to come and visit during these times.

*Could lay on his  "Magic Pad" for hours - this is where "ALL THE MAGIC HAPPENS!"  You know where he gets his grunt on! What a DIRTY-BOY!

*Prefers to be moving, dancing, or swinging...  ALL THE TIME!  (My kind of man!)

He teaches us some-thing new everyday! Just when we think we are starting to get the hang of "Life with Kingston," he changes it up for us once again!

Well, we did it... we have made it for a whole month!  No need for applause...  :)

Beep & I are having the time of our lives! "Parenthood" is such a gift...  what a blessing our little Kingston is!