Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy 70th B*day!

Yesterday my Grandmama turned the big 70! Of course we had to CELEBRATE!!! The family and special guest, Reeder and Katherine, all met at Cheddar's for a birthday dinner. There were gifts and there was CAKE! YUMMY CAKE!!! I must add that I got the cake from Butcher Shop and had them put it in the back so Grandmama wouldn't see it. The moment finally came... they came out with lit candles and everything! Grandmama then proceeds to tell them, CHEDDARS, how sweet THEY are and how nice it was that they gave her a cake. THEY SAID YOU ARE WELCOME AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had to squash that and let Grandmama know that good deed was all... ME! Needless to say she had a great birthday! Nothing is better than celebrating with your loved ones and friends!!! Here is to many birthdays to come! Happy 70th Birthday Grandmama!!!

This is one of the cutest videos I have... Make a wish!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

4 and 0 and Still In Charge!!

I know I am late on posting again, but better late than never...
So, We are 4 and 0 now and still going strong. "Sunshine" opened the game by missing a ground ball hit to him out in center field. He tells us that he would have had it, but he was putting his tooth pick behind his ear while fielding the ball and it just got by him. No worries Sunshine!
Chad Powell went yard on us first followed by Ted, two nice hits. Hunter got a little worried on the bases not knowing what to do. Blake had his chance to turn two, but couldn't make the throw from third! I made a couple, okay, too many mistakes out in the field. Sorry TEAM! Jeff was at his prime position , on the bench, running his mouth. Joey was a little pre-occupied because Jackson, his son, was there to watch his daddy play, or maybe just to cry!! Thanks to Amanda for coming in the dug-out and taking pictures and videos. Thanks to the Tucker's and the Green Family,for coming out and supporting us along with the other fans of Charles in Charge! The videos tell it all...Next game is Wednesday at 8:30!

How time flies!

So yesterday, April 26th, Hunter Jacob turned 18! I can not believe it... it still seems like he should be curly headed, dressed up in his BATMAN costume and standing at the end of the sidewalk waving to all the neighbors! Time flies... he is 18, graduating from high-school and about to sail into the next chapter of his life!
To celebrate his birthday I took him and his "work buddies" a healthy breakfast... DOUGHNUTS!!! Well not so healthy, but I do not think that they minded.
The celebration continued... we went to the "All My Rowdy Family" concert in Shreveport, La. SO MUCH FUN! Last night Hunter was able to put a BIG check on his "bucket list," seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd!!! If you know Hunter at all, you know he thinks they are the BEST. It was so much fun to watch him... watching them!!! Of course, I had a teary moment -- one of the first songs Hunter ever played on his guitar was "Tuesday's Gone." It is one of this favs. When they played it last night and Hunter's face lit up with so much "WOW," it was all I could do to hold back the "happy" tears. :) I just love that kid!!!
I can not write about last night without mentioning, Hank Williams Jr. I have now seen him twice, OH MY GOSH! He is such an entertainer! He is none stop and a one man show! Hank is so talented, not only vocally, but the various instruments that he plays and lets not forget his impersonations. If you ever get an opportunity to see him, without question GO, GO, GO! I hope that I get another chance!
All in all, I think "Precious" had a great birthday! One to remember for sure!!! Happy Birthday Bud!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I have been a little sluggish on the blog and a few team mates have been getting a little upset. Yes, we are 3 and 0. It was the first game that the 3 KRAUS boys all played. Joey at 1st, Jeff at 2nd, and Beep at Short Stop.
Once again, that #4 Blake Tucker had a great game! He is swinging for the fences and coming really close to putting it out! It is amazing how that lil guy can come to a stop on the bases...
Hunter came through again coming really close to hitting a HOMER bringing BIG JOJO on in to home, making sure his run counted!
Let's see, Jeff, Walt, and Beep all came up bleeding in the first inning and it looks like I will be the only 1 out of the 3 of us to play this week due to injuries. I think that we all need to THANK those few supporters that we have, including the appearance of Mrs. Tucker in her Orange!! For those who want to come and support us, the game this week is at 6:30 on Wednesday! We are having to move some players around due to the injured reserve list, but we will have a few players back and things are looking good for Charles in Charge.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PIR Annual Crawfish Boil

For the past seven years my Uncle Brandon's company PIR has put on a big crawfish boil. As always we had so much fun! We got it started early and ate into the night.... oh did we ever eat! The hottest potatoes and corn that I have ever put into my mouth... you know I was not about to put any little critters up in my mouth! My taste buds have grown over the past couple of years, but not that much people. Thanks again Uncle Brandon & Aunt Shannon for some good time family fun! Here's looking forward to next year!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Lil Robin Mama's babies have finally hatched! They are precious... in an alien'ish way! As of right now we have three baby birds and two eggs left. (Left) Here are the babies just hanging out trying to catch a lil shut eye.
Side Note: Most of you know that Beeper refers to me as the "Dog Whisperer." Well add "Bird Whisperer" to that... (Right) I was whistling to the lil birds asking them if they were hungry. As you can see... THEY WERE STARVING!
(If you would like a closer look at the baby birds click on the pic.)


So, all of you know on February 23rd Hunter's truck, Mr. Peterbuilt, was demolished. Since then, he has been driving my mustang, Black Magic. As you can imagine, Hunter did not love her half as much as I did. He quit going through drive throughs, because he said that he got embarrassed when they would have to hang their whole body out of the window to hand him the food. Needless to say... she got him from A to B. It seemed like we were never going to get anywhere because of insurance etc. Things have finally started looking up... and today Hunter purchased his new truck! I am so ecstatic for him, because he found this truck and wanted it really bad. It is loud, fast, and old... it is a "Hunter-Truck!"

Crawdaddy Crazy!

This Saturday we helped celebrate Val and Jennifer's birthday! We had so much fun that even people that weren't invited started showing up... with strobe lights & a DJ setup! lol Nah, they were just at the wrong party, but we did have a good time! I bet Jennifer is still finding tags around her house with Lauren's name on it. We were all stuffed because Tommy bought like 180 lbs. of crawfish and what didn't get eaten still had to be shelled! We are all expecting an invite over to the Ogle's for: crawfish e-2-fay, crawfish fettuccine, crawfish pie, crawfish soup, crawfish enchi-LA-duhs, crawfish dip and anything else that you could throw in some CRAWDADDIES!!! Here's to gett'n some tail! Happy Birthday to Val & Jennifer!

Monday, April 7, 2008

She did it!

"My Michelle" is now Mrs. McKeehan! The weekend was full of laughter and fun! There were so many fun activities to do at Rough Creek Lodge. If you could think of it... they offered it! I would recommend this resort to anyone! The wedding was perfect and the bride was absolutely gorgeous! Nothing makes me happier than to see one of my best friends truly happy! James and Michelle were totally made for each other. You can feel how strong their love is for one another! Sappy I know... but so TRUE! The reception wouldn't have been complete without Michelle singing her, "anthem song," R-E-S-P-E-C-T to her new husband! It was classic! Michelle you rocked it out like you always do! I love you girl!


There were so many things to do at Rough Creek including the Zip Line! It was four stories high... and so much fun! I mean it wasn't like we were going through any rainforest's or anything, but we still had a lot of fun! Did I say we? Ha! I meant that "I" had a lot of fun! As usual... just like at Six Flags, I had to ride it by myself while Beeper stayed on the ground and watched! Don't let him fool ya... I really am the adventurous one! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


The game is softball, the colors are Orange and Blue, the team is "Charles in Charge". Last night we played our first softball game of the season and blew the Tornadoes out!!! Charles is our pitcher and is now the best pitcher in the league, now that Ted Woodard was moved to 3rd. Blake Tucker lead the game off with an inside the park HOME-RUN! I had to hit the first "REAL" home run... Other team mates who went YARD were Ted Woodard and Joey Kraus! Unofficially, I would have to give Hunter Green player of the game due to his Outstanding Bat and Amazing Field play with two great catches in the out field by the youngest player on the team! Congrats Hunter!!
Next game is next Wednesday at 8:30 against the Bad Hombres!

It's Finally Here!!!

I can not believe that it is finally here... my BF Michelle Mahone is getting married this Saturday!!! Ahhhh!!!! We are going to have so much fun! Beeper and I are leaving today, to get the party started a day early! Whoo-hoo! No worries I will take lots of pics to come back and share with you all! Listen to me, I write as if I have a fan club or something! I like to amuse myself every now and then. No really I may go through "Bloggers Withdrawal." (I'm not joking!) Okay we are off...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am still in shock...  So I had to make a quick trip to Wolly-World this afternoon.  For some reason ever time I try to get out of that parking lot I feel like I am playing chicken with other vehicles.  Picture this... I am driving down a lane, when luckily, in the corner of my eye, I see a white hoopty hauling across about to slam in the side of me. I stop because it is very apparent that she was not going to. I then pointed my finger and said "SLOW DOWN!" (Mind you my window was up and she could not hear me... I basically said it for my ears only.) Anywho! (Oh I also need to mention that she had 3 small children with her.) She then slams on her brakes and oh so kindly allows me to go. After her kids got up and out of the floor board she follows me on to Gilmer rode. The light turns green and she is making a mad dash again... now she is all up in my rear! She pulls a Nascar move and squeezes herself in between two other cars... she makes a run for it... she comes up on my right side... AND... Mother-of-the-year has her seven year old son reach across her and FLIP ME OFF!!! WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? She then speeds off and all the little kids jump in the back seat smiling to see my reaction. If you know me at all you know what I would have liked to have done... but I do have some morals I am not going to flip off some one in front of there kids... especially when it was the kid who did it! And as a teacher I wonder why some of these kids act the way they do...  

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lil Robin Mama

I have recently discovered that we have a visitor staying with us. Out of all the doors in the neighborhood Lil Robin Mama, (LRM,) chose ours! :) Now, at first I thought this would be so much fun... you know documenting and checking in on her daily to see what is going on up in LRM's crib, until she turned on me. That girl has been BUSY every night laying an egg or two... I think that she is finally done, with a total of 5 eggs. LRM stays gone all day and comes back at night to catch some shut eye. OH YOU DO NOT WANT TO WAKE UP LRM! Yesterday morning,which is any day before today, Bailey and I were coming back from our morning run and walked up to the door forgetting about LRM. We both quickly remembered... LRM comes bursting through my pink flowers, hanging on the door, and comes straight for my head. Please remember that it is six o'clock in the morning so it is dark, Bailey thinks that I have lost my mind because I am flailing my arms around trying to get the bird away from me. She was very persistent and assured me that the front porch now belonged to her! Minutes later, after acting a complete fool, I admitted defeat and went through the garage. Be aware there are more LRM's out there... Be strong and don't let them take over your door as she did ours.