Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Just Any Ol' Plastic Cup!

A little background... These cups are from the restaurant, Eskimo Joes's, where I have never been. Ever since I can remember, every time I go and stay with Beeper's Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mark I dig through their cabinets to claim "my cup". These are not just any ol' plastic cups! They are the perfect size for a big glass of refreshing H2O and even better they CHANGE COLOR PEOPLE!!! Oh yeah think back to your middle school days when you wore those "cool" hyper-colored shirts! Exact same thing... it is just a cup! Moving on... A couple of years ago I received four pink cups for my birthday from the Fanning's. While Chase was down, a couple of weekends ago, he found that I was still holding on to one of my pink cups even though there was a 1 inch crack in it! Are you seeing how much I love these cups? So today when I got home from school there was a package FOR ME (another thing that I love)! Inside were 10... yes ten brand new and all different colored Eskimo Joe cups. I was ecstatic! Thank you Chase for making my Monday so Marvelous!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stop & Smell The Azaleas!

Whoo-hoo! I am a blogger! I have become obsessed in reading my friends and sister-in-laws blog, (Love ya Nicole), that I decided it was time that Beeper and I branch out from facebook and myspace and have one of our own!

So, this past Saturday Val and I ran the Azalea Run in Tyler. The race started at 8, it was raining, and it was cold! I was thinking not only did I volunteer to do this but I PAID for this... WHAT? I feel the need to fill you in that it was only two miles! I know compared to my husband, the "Marathon Runner", this is nothing. Even though it took us half the time to run it, than it did to drive there... it was well worth it! We had a lot of fun!!!

He we are before the big run!

After the big run!