Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

So it's been since Easter... LONG TIME! Let's play catch up...

Here is a little video I put together to let you see what all Mr. Kingston has been up to.

(You will probably want to mute the music, because there is music on the video. Otherwise, it is going to be MUSIC OVERLOAD!)


I feel the need to address that Beep and I DO dress our child. He actually has lots of really cute clothing. BUT, when I was putting this together and looking at all his videos, I noticed that we're always catching a lot these moments before bath time or after. Which is why we he is always in his DIAPER!

Geeeezzzz... I just really thought that I should address this! Please know that we DO NOT take our child to WALMART in his diaper... we ARE NOT those people!

I also think, NOW I should apologize to anyone that I may have offended that takes their child to WALMART in their diaper.

Ohhhhhh well, I need to go ahead and tell THOSE people that DO... YOU SHOULDN'T... IT'S GROSS! If you don't want to go to WALMART in your underwear, DON'T MAKE YOUR CHILD!

And... yeah, I'm done!

My love to you all...