Sunday, March 28, 2010

What an EGG-cellent Sunday!

Mr. Kingston was invited to his 1st Easter Egg Hunt today, out at the Ogle Family Farm. I was worried about how it would all go down, because lil' man hadn't had a nap ALL day. Pulling into the driveway he falls asleep... I was thinking "GREAT... Well we may just have to sleep through the Egg Hunt this year!"

We decided to just go with it... Beep got out Kingston and gave him a quick "Father/Son pep talk" on how to find the eggs SUPER FAST! :) Hey, don't laugh... it's never too early to teach these things!

Kingston was unsure what to do... I think he was thinking, "Mama your telling me you WANT me to pick something up off the GROUND?"

Ever so carefully studying what he has found.

Yummy, Yummy, Mmmmm... He found a Easter Egg in the shape of a Cupcake!!! He was partial to those... which could be why we came home with six of them.

Kingston LOVES his Cupcake!!!

I can't help it... He is such a little DOLL BABY?
This KING doesn't need a nap!!! He is ALL smiles... ALL the time!

Mr. Kingston & Miss Mollie Kate Ogle

Okay let me explain...
I was trying to get an action shot here... you know show off Kingston's "MAD" crawling skills. Well... when Beep put him down, so he could go and get his egg, he really didn't care for the way the grass felt on his knees. So, instead he showed everyone how to BEAR CRAWL! See I told you... "MAD" skills!

(I think I remember a story about a little girl who HATED to feel the grass on her legs when she was little!) LOL

What a great Sunday spent with family and friends! Thank you to the Ogle Family, for including us in your Annual Easter Egg Hunt! We had a EGGcellent time!!!