Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble... gobble... till ya wobble... wobble!

I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I gobbled... gobbled... FO SHO!  The night before Thanksgiving we always head over to the "Kraus House," to help out with the big FEAST... wait... DON'T GET ME LYING!  The BOYS help make a mess, in Flipper & Frannie's kitchen... while the girls play with the babies :) and watch SCARY clay-mation Christmas Movies!  It's all big fun really!  If you know the Kraus Boys AT ALL... you know that when they get together they always invite: Jack... GIN... and Mr. WINE-O! These three pals always seem to make the gatherings get "a lil HOT," which makes the Kraus Boys LOOSE THEIR CLOTHES...  
Example 1:

Now you know these boys were raised better than that!  Sitting at the table, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, with their shirts off didn't last long!  No worries... Flipper was happy to share his "Beach Tanks" with his boys... even Carson Grant got one!

Example 2:  

Thanksgiving Day, we continued our "Eat-athon" over at the Kraus'.  I ate like it was my last meal... to give you a visual on how full I was----> I know that you have all seen those Great White documentaries.  Okay, well you know when they show the Great White PIGGING out on a Whale carcass, and the Great White eats so much that it becomes drunk and begins to float on its back.  BINGO!!! THAT WAS ME!!!  I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not have a picture to illustrate!  :(  

I do have a family picture that I managed to get, after our YUMMY meal!  Thanks again Flipper & Frannie for a great Thanksgiving!  Love ya'll!

Did you think that our Thanksgiving was over???? Heavens NO... we still had to FEAST it up with my family!  This year we did things a little different... I couldn't have planned it better myself! If I was to imagine a perfect Thanksgiving, this is what it would be... DRUM ROLL!!!!

Me, Beep, Hunter Jacob, Grandmama, and my Mama and Dad loaded up and went to Cracker Barrel! Whoo-hoo! It was perfect and shockingly NOT CROWDED... perfect timing they said! :) I know that you are wondering how could I have possibly eaten MORE FOOD, when less than 3 hours I was floating upside down at the Kraus'... I am telling you it was a miracle, when they brought out all that MAC & CHEESE, I was hungry ALL over again! :) Amazing!

The festivities didn't end there... we left there and went to SANTA LAND! OMG This is like one of my most favorite places... what is better than blaring Christmas music and looking at more Christmas lights than you eyes can handle? Oh, did I mention that my Dad bought us all these 3D glasses, so that when you saw the lights they turned into snowflakes, even headlights on cars? ;-0 GROOVY!!!

Me and my Mama enjoying all the LIGHTS!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping make my Thanksgiving so special and fun!
My life has truly been blessed and I have so much to be thankful for...
Hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Amanda Laine

Friday, November 21, 2008

R.I.P "BB-Ring"

Dearly beloved,
We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of my friend "Pinky" the BB-Ring.  For many years she graciously, helped "ICE*OUT" my belly.  She had everything... from ATTITUDE to BEAUTY!  
I remember the first time I met "Pinky"...  I was in a "upper class" tattoo shop, in South Longview (lol), signing my life away, so that some random "SCARY MAN" could put a hole in my belly.  I was taken over to a display case that was full of BB-rings - when I saw her.  She was BLING-UTIFUL and PINK... Perfect for me!  I knew that she and my "INNY" would be a perfect match.  They hit it off immediately!  
Pinky, was always so supportive, never complaining after ALL those HOT summer days I would BAKE in the sun and HEAT her up.  She never skipped a beat just kept on SHINING!
We have been through so much together!  She helped me get through college.  She traveled with me through Europe.  Pinky, was even there when I walked down the aisle and became Mrs. Kraus!
October marked the beginning of the end.  This was when "Pinky" got the news.  She was a fighter and fought till the end, but the END was inevitable...
After much thought, "INNY" and PINKY decided that it was time to part.  "INNY" explained to PINKY that BIGGER things were in the near future and that over time he would most likely become an "OUTIE," involuntarily of course. 
November 21st, at 8:15, Pinky was unscrewed and taken out of "INNY."  It was a planned and peaceful ceremony.  She was cleaned and laid to rest.  
PINKY is survived by: INNY, her partner of 8 years.  Best Friends: Mrs. Wedding Band, Mrs. Diamond Earring, and Mr. Toe Ring.

Summer 2000 - November 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming June 2009

Last Thursday we went to the doctor to have our 1st sonogram. Yea! We were able to see our little "Blob Baby" and it's heart beat. It was AMAZING to say the least! 
Things that we learned:
*There is ONLY 1 baby :)
*Our baby is 1.3cm long (size of a blueberry)
*Heartbeat was 159 bpm (Does this imply a BOY or GIRL?)
*The Due Date is... June 20th (Grandma Joan's B*day!)

Ladies & Gents we are proud to SHOW-OFF... 
"Baby Blob Kraus!"  
Check him/her out.. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It was a Trick-or-Treat FO SHO!!!

Our house was FULL of "A LIST" Celebrity Craziness this Halloween...

The guest list included: Michael Phelps - dressed in a lil more than just his gold medals; Sarah Palin - who was still trying to win over some last minute votes; The Cutest Polar Bear in Town - who chased Bailey Boo "the BUG" all night long; JOEY - yes you read correctly, Senator came dressed up as JOEY.  Live entertainment was provided by a "local musician" that is still hoping for his BIG BREAK!  Ahhh yes, Beep and I too dressed up, FRO and all!  :)  Beep was a "70's Flipper Flashback," and I was an "80's HOTTIE" of course! lol  
From the moment that our guest stepped into our house they were playing a game - - and didn't even know it!  We changed ALL the pictures; in our house, to "CLUES" that TIPPED off a few and CONFUSED one or two.  It took some longer than others... but there was one clue that made it all so CLEAR "it was as if it were written in the sand!"

Thought that you may like to see some pics from the Halloween Bash!!!