Saturday, August 30, 2008


Zzzz... Zzzz... This is what I looked like Friday,  when I put my last little friend on the bus! Hanging out with 20 five year olds, for a week, can really put a number on you. I forget every year how tiring it is... physically and mentally. I have done more squats this week than I did, in 6 weeks of Boot Camp! This is no joke! 
Side Note: Did you know that Wipe containers (the tube kind) are dangerous? Oh yeah, I almost lost my middle finger Thursday afternoon due to one of these. 
Explanation: One of my lil friends was celebrating their birthday, so we were all eating cupcakes. It was getting a little messy, so I thought I better start passing out some wipes. It was a new container, so I had to push the first wipe through the hole. After pushing the wipe through the little (X) top, I went to pull my finger out... OUCH! My finger was caught, and the plastic was digging into it! (I starred at my finger, seriously does this kind of stuff ever happen to other people.) "No way this is not happening!" I thought.   At this point my finger is swelling and turning different shades of purple and red. I kept trying to tug on my finger, which shoved the little plastic corner deeper into my finger - PAIN, PAIN, MORE PAIN! I then decided to calmly walked out of my room (yes, I left children in the room alone - believe me they never noticed they were still gobbling up their cupcake) and across the hall to V. Neel's room. She was on her computer, with her back turned, when I told her I needed her help. You can imagine her face when she turned around and saw that I had a wipe container attached to my finger. :) (I can laugh now!) It took awhile... nothing was working! How embarrassing would it be if I had to go to the emergency room with this plastic container hanging from my arm? I can see it now, "Coming through, we have an emergency, lady with the wipe finger!"   Then V. Neel did the unthinkable she sacrificed her own finger and shoved it up underneath right by mine. It made the opening large enough for me to pull my finger out! I WAS FREE! I couldn't feel the tip of my finger... BUT I WAS FREE! The length that friends will go to! Thanks V. Neel, you saved my middle finger and I owe you! 
Reflection: Do you think that God was punishing me for using my middle finger for purposes that it wasn't intended for? Lesson learned.  You will all be happy to know that... I have retired these sign-language gestures, (so if you cut me off etc., I will just do absolutely nothing.) I love my middle finger and I am glad that it is still attached to my hand. I can happily announce that I have been doing finger therapy and have regained ALL my strength back. 
As mentioned earlier, I made it through my first week and I am still in one piece.
How many more weeks till Thanksgiving Break?  Just Kidding...  Hope all of my fellow teachers "got their groove back" and had a great 1st week. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who's ringing... I mean POPPIN?

You watch... you be the judge... and then come over so we can try it! (LOL) I love stuff like this!
Thanks Mom

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's been a while...

August 6th was my BIRTH-DAY... I turned a whopping 26! Anyway, we celebrated and went to the Ranger game (vs. Yankees) where we met Michelle & James.  I will be honest, going to see the Rangers and sitting in over 100 degree weather, really isn't my idea of fun. Our tickets gave us access to the Cuervo Club and our original plan was to hang out pre-game and then head outside to sweat to death. Fun right? What actually happened... Pre-game trickled into game time, and before we knew it, the game was over and we were watching 45,000 people (seriously) scurry up the bleachers and out of the park. We decided what was the hurry.. so we sat in some PHAT leather seats and watched them clean up the field... very interesting actually! The moral of this story (Yes there is one) even I can have fun at Ranger Games... I just had to do it "my way..." (as Frank would say) ---> Dressed up, sitting at a table INSIDE, with one hand dipping chips in cheese dip and the other... well holding a Long Island of course! Oh yeah...GO RANGERS!