Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2,4,6,8 almost 9 MONTHS!!!

Yeah, I'm CREEPING up on 9 months... you wanna make something of it? Listen you don't want to mess with me, I've got two teeth... yeah you heard me 2!!! 2 more coming in on top!!! I like to chew on anything I can get my little hands on. Did I mention that I can drool like nobody's business? Hmmmm.... huh!

Crawling.... CHECK!!!! I am ALL over the place. There is nothing that I can't get my little pincher's on now. I go OVER... I go UNDER... I am UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Have I mentioned how strong I am yet? Besides my daily push-ups, I also have been
working out my arms and legs with all the pulling up I have been doing. I love to pull up in my bed, but my favorite is in the bathtub. This makes my Mama go crazy!!! Life is great! There is nothing that I can't get to... JUST TRY ME!!!
My Mama and Daddy have been teaching me sign language for the past two months. (LOL) I am still wondering why I need to know sign language... I can sit and cry and they run around trying to figure out what I want anyway. Last week, I thought that I would make them feel accomplished... I used my "milk" sign. They were really proud of me!

Things that I love...

*Watching Little Einstein, Jungle Junction
& any video featuring... me, Kingston, of course!


*Eating Biter Biscuits & Puffs



*Playing with Cupcake's "BIG CHAP STIC"

*Listening to Uncle Hunter play the guitar & piano

*Playing with Baby Brooks

*Taking Naps with my Daddy

*Being Tickled

*Listening to my Mama make
Miss Allie & Mr. Lion talk!
(she thinks they're real ;)

A note from Kingston's Mama:
Can you believe just how big this little guy has gotten? Like everyone always says, don't blink because they grow up so fast! It's the truth... I can't believe that he is about to be 9 months old! YOWZA!!! I really hope these next couple of months DRAG by...
I'm not ready to sing Happy Birthday yet...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I know... I know!!!

Seriously, I know... I know... I have turned into one of "THOSE" people!
(I'm so ashamed!)
Okay, well let's see looks like last time we chatted it was GOOD HEAVENS... THANKSGIVING!!!! Well light a fire under my BOO-TAYYYYYY, we've got some catching up to do.

Do you hear what I hear Kingston Hunter?
It's your 1st Christmas...

Christmas Holidays 2009

I don't know how Christmas is celebrated at your house,
but Christmas with us is CrAzY BUSINESS!!!

Christmas Eve - we hung out at my parents house. Yep, that is "Miss Allie" the Alligator that Kingston got from his Cupcake and Papaw. He loves to ride her like a horse and then take naps on her. I think that "Miss Allie" will keep him happy for a LONG time. I really did not know what to expect with Kingston and the whole opening presents thing. TISSUE PAPER... that is ALL we should have bought the child... TISSUE PAPER!!! Had we only known what entertainment it would have provided him.

Christmas Morning - Here is Baby Kingston with his toys. He couldn't decide what he needed to put in his mouth first. Does this look like some sensory overload or what?

Christmas Day - The margarita's are flowing (Compliments to Uncle Brandon), Kids are yelling out "I'm a LOSER" or "RAT SCRATCH FEVER," people are EVERYWHERE!!! Wait we must be at my Auntie Shay- Shay's house with the Cox's!!! Always a good time with the Cox's... we played our Annual RAT SCRATCH FEVER that my Uncle Timmy created for all the COX Rats! It involves lotto tickets and something to scratch with. This year was big because there were to NEW rats added Baby Kingston and Baby Brooks! If that doesn't that sound like a good ole' wholesame holiday family game... I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES?

Best Little Buddy Cousins... Kingston and Brooks!

Let's try to act normal...

Nah... That's over rated... LET'S PARTY!!!

Christmas Evening - We left the country and headed back in to hang out with the Kraus'. Yummy food, Egg Nog, and hopes of Uncle Eddie to make an appearance!

Round 3 for Mr. Kingston - GOING STRONG!

I think that this is the most precious picture of my nephew Jackson playing with his race track. He is such a sweetie!!!

Doesn't this always happen, parents taking over the kiddo's new toys?
Actually poor Carson had to wait because everyone wanted a turn.
He's such a BIG BOY... he kindly waited his turn!

No worries I'll give you a moment...
You need more time?
I mentioned earlier that every year we HOPE that Uncle Eddie will make an appearance. And every year we are never disappointed! Uncle Eddie this year, came in FULL RED (MUCH TOO TIGHT) LONG UNDERWEAR! Oh yes, buttons in the back and everything. Believe me once you got past that you SHOULDN'T LOOK it was the FUNNIEST THING YOU HAD EVER SEEN!!!
My cheeks were hurting from grinning ear to ear for so long...

If that picture didn't alarm you the next one will!

For all you Mother's out there - The ONLY reason that this "PERSON" was aloud to get near my child and touch him, was because I know that JOEY is inside there... somewhere?!?

This picture actually brings tears to my eyes... To see these three BUSY little boys play together is the most precious thing ever. I look SO forward to watching them grow up together. (This picture also makes me laugh, because it was the ONLY picture that I could capture with the three of them in it!)

Don't move, SMILE... and it will be painless! :)

Day after Christmas - Are you tired yet? Well grab a snack because we are still HOLIDAY'n it up people!!! Christmas with the Greens! Every year we go to someone else's house in my family. This year we went to my Uncle David and Aunt Beth's house. They're house looked like a Christmas store! Everything was decorated... with Santa collections everywhere. BEAUTIFUL!!! We had SO much fun eating MORE DELICIOUS FOOD...putting a hurting on some popcorn cans and playing games. THE GIRLS WON... GIVEN!!! Better luck next year BOYS!

What do these two Green's have in common?
Umh... They're both BOYS... and you thought I was going to say BALD!!!
I love you Uncle David!!!


Hunter Jacob and Kingston Hunter

The Green Family... take 15!

I love the Holidays!
I have the best memories as a child of the Christmas hustle and bustle and yes it continues. I wouldn't change a thing!!!
My HUGE family is amazing... I am so blessed!
God is good!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are kicking off 2010 with a BANG!

Hope to visit again soon. I will try not to let 2 months slip by again!