Sunday, September 28, 2008


I know that you are probably thinking, "WOW Amanda must be desperate to blog if she is posting pictures of STRAWS!"  Well, I am not desperate... but, yes this post is about STRAWS!  Let's begin...
Beep and I went to Burger King to grab a nutritious supper, in a sack.  Along with our dinner, we ordered a dessert to share... a Oreo Sundae Shake (like a blizzard.)  I was driving and Beep was holding the food, which is never good because then 1/2 the fries are gone before we get home. Moving on, Beep couldn't wait any longer and dove right in, literally, to the Oreo Shake.  He then discovered that we had just been given "THE BIGGEST STRAW," in the WORLD.  It was a scene straight out of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", you know when Charlie finds "THE TICKET." This "JUMBO BLUE STRAW" was AMAZING... Blizzards have been around for years... why hasn't anyone ever thought of JUMBO straws?  (Another one of those things that you say "Dang why didn't I think of that!)
To give you some idea on how big this straw is compared to an average drinking straw... check out these pics!!! I am not kidding this straw feels like you have a "garden hose" in your mouth.  Have you ever been slurping on a Oreo Blizzard and all of sudden your eye balls feel like they are going to explode, because you were sucking so hard, and a big piece of Oreo got stuck in the bottom?
Problem: Your straw is TOO small. 
Solution: GET A JUMBO BLUE STRAW FROM BURGER KING!!! (Have you learned anything?)   
You will never have to stop slurping and move your straw around, in your cup again, because of a clog! Nope, no need for a spoon... "JUMBO BLUE STRAW" will get ever one of those pesky little Oreo chunks!
You see people... Blizzards with Dinky little straws are soooooo YESTERDAY!  It is time to UPGRADE guys...  Let's enjoy these OREO shakes the way it was intended...  

This advertisement was brought to you by: "Jumbo Blue Straws!"  GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!