Monday, December 29, 2008

All aboard... to OUR Christmas Break Madness!!!

Christmas 2008 came BIG and has now been wrapped up and put away until next year!  I am always ecstatic for the Christmas MADNESS to begin, that when it finally gets here, all I can think about is how it will soon be over.  :-(  So jump aboard the Crazy Train of Our Christmas Break!
We start off with a last minute trip to Dallas with Joey & Nicole.  We were lucky to get tickets to the Farewell Cowboy Game. (Thanks Dad)  Description of the game - Atmosphere: Perfectly FREEZIN and Exciting, Food: Greasy and Delicious, The Actual Football Game: Comically HORRIBLE!!!  Would it have been to much to ask for them to ACTUALLY play like they DESERVE the $ million dollars they are PAID every year???  I mean come on...
Anywho, we decided to leave at Halftime so we could go to... ICE!!!  Oh yeah, ICE, ICE, BABY!!!  We're talking 9 degrees and 2 million pounds of ICE people! A Winter Wonderland in TEXAS!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Here are some pics from the weekend...

You're never to OLD to SLIDE on ICE! (Thanks ~ Nicole)

Tuesday Night we had Christmas at my parent's house...

Christmas Eve at the Kraus House!

We spent Christmas Day with my Mama's Family...
 The Cox's!

Last, but not least, the day after Christmas we spent with my Dad's Family...  The Green's!

I was so happy to see Paige and Erin, (two of my GREATEST friends since 5th grade,) this past Saturday before they headed back home. It was great to be able to catch up" IN PERSON," which is so much better than on the phone! It was just like old times! Here is a pic, from our Great Breakfast, at none other than the International House Of Pancakes (IHOP)! Can't wait to see ya'll again!

As you can see Christmas Madness can be quite exhausting.  I am now ALL caught up on my rest and ready to BRING IN THE NEW YEAR!!!  Bring it 2009...   I am awaiting great things and LOTS OF 2009 BABIES!  Here is a shout out to all my fellow "Baby Bump'n Mamas" (Michelle, Katrina, & Ashley) our little guys will be here before we know it! 

Happy Holidays Everyone! 
Love, Amanda Laine

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just when you thought elections were over...

Alrighty people... I want to know whatcha think!  Take it for what it's worth... because usually "I DON'T CARE!" (just kidding :-)  No really, I am taking a gender poll which is located on the right side of your screen.  If you wouldn't mind please put your two cents in and vote!  :)    

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Bump Update...

So let me take you back to last Thursday.  We had another doctor appointment... which I find myself looking SO FORWARD TO these days!!!  Ha!  Who would have ever thought that a doctor's appointment would be the HIGHLIGHT of OUR month?   During this visit, we were going to get to see how our little miracle had grown since our 1st sonogram.  Our last sonogram was 6 weeks ago... remember the "Lil Kraus Blob?"  Anyway, Beep and I have been reading and keeping up with how the baby has been developing, but that still did not prepare us for what we saw.  I think that we both still thought we were going to see this blob with a fluttering heartbeat... again! 
"HELLO!!! There is a BABY in my TUMMY!!!"  A real baby... not a blob... A PRECIOUS BABY!!!  When the tech put the wand on my petite (lol) belly immediately we could see the BABY... I sat straight up (don't do that) to get a better picture of the screen.  I was then asked to lay back down and relax.  RELAX!!!  Are you kidding me... I wanted to say "look lady - - I haven't felt pregnant, I don't get sick, the only time that I truly know that I am pregnant is when I come here and you put THE WAND ON THE BELLY!"  I didn't want to ruin the moment :) so I kindly laid back down and strained my neck to look at the screen.  
I wasn't the only one who perked up... ole' Beep straightened that LONG BACK of his straight up.  I think that he grew 5 inches!  He thought it was amazing... to say the least!
As we peeked in on our little one... he was just chillin!  Laid out on his back... like "yeah, glad ya'll good drop in, this is where I stay!"  (Of course he talks LIKE HIS MAMA...)  We also learned that Baby Kraus (like his cousins) loves the camera and is very photogenic.  He laid there long enough for the tech to do all the measurements and then some.  We were able to see him: yawn, have the hick-ups and do some backward caterpillar rolls (look out Uncle Joey, you've got competition coming June :).  Apparently, we had stayed to long, because lil Kraus rolled over and showed us his bum... PARTY OVER... EVERYBODY OUT... and that was it!!!
So here is our "STAR of the Show!"  I have also posted little labels for those of you that do not know what you are looking at when looking at sonograms!  No need to thank me!!! :)

Yes, I feel the need to explain that I do STRONGLY believe that this child is a little boy. Whoo-hoo!  I actually do not care the sex... it will just be great to know what IT is.  So when referring to Lil Kraus I naturally just say him. Hmmm... maybe we need to start a gender pole!  I will get on that!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble... gobble... till ya wobble... wobble!

I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I gobbled... gobbled... FO SHO!  The night before Thanksgiving we always head over to the "Kraus House," to help out with the big FEAST... wait... DON'T GET ME LYING!  The BOYS help make a mess, in Flipper & Frannie's kitchen... while the girls play with the babies :) and watch SCARY clay-mation Christmas Movies!  It's all big fun really!  If you know the Kraus Boys AT ALL... you know that when they get together they always invite: Jack... GIN... and Mr. WINE-O! These three pals always seem to make the gatherings get "a lil HOT," which makes the Kraus Boys LOOSE THEIR CLOTHES...  
Example 1:

Now you know these boys were raised better than that!  Sitting at the table, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, with their shirts off didn't last long!  No worries... Flipper was happy to share his "Beach Tanks" with his boys... even Carson Grant got one!

Example 2:  

Thanksgiving Day, we continued our "Eat-athon" over at the Kraus'.  I ate like it was my last meal... to give you a visual on how full I was----> I know that you have all seen those Great White documentaries.  Okay, well you know when they show the Great White PIGGING out on a Whale carcass, and the Great White eats so much that it becomes drunk and begins to float on its back.  BINGO!!! THAT WAS ME!!!  I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not have a picture to illustrate!  :(  

I do have a family picture that I managed to get, after our YUMMY meal!  Thanks again Flipper & Frannie for a great Thanksgiving!  Love ya'll!

Did you think that our Thanksgiving was over???? Heavens NO... we still had to FEAST it up with my family!  This year we did things a little different... I couldn't have planned it better myself! If I was to imagine a perfect Thanksgiving, this is what it would be... DRUM ROLL!!!!

Me, Beep, Hunter Jacob, Grandmama, and my Mama and Dad loaded up and went to Cracker Barrel! Whoo-hoo! It was perfect and shockingly NOT CROWDED... perfect timing they said! :) I know that you are wondering how could I have possibly eaten MORE FOOD, when less than 3 hours I was floating upside down at the Kraus'... I am telling you it was a miracle, when they brought out all that MAC & CHEESE, I was hungry ALL over again! :) Amazing!

The festivities didn't end there... we left there and went to SANTA LAND! OMG This is like one of my most favorite places... what is better than blaring Christmas music and looking at more Christmas lights than you eyes can handle? Oh, did I mention that my Dad bought us all these 3D glasses, so that when you saw the lights they turned into snowflakes, even headlights on cars? ;-0 GROOVY!!!

Me and my Mama enjoying all the LIGHTS!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping make my Thanksgiving so special and fun!
My life has truly been blessed and I have so much to be thankful for...
Hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Amanda Laine

Friday, November 21, 2008

R.I.P "BB-Ring"

Dearly beloved,
We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of my friend "Pinky" the BB-Ring.  For many years she graciously, helped "ICE*OUT" my belly.  She had everything... from ATTITUDE to BEAUTY!  
I remember the first time I met "Pinky"...  I was in a "upper class" tattoo shop, in South Longview (lol), signing my life away, so that some random "SCARY MAN" could put a hole in my belly.  I was taken over to a display case that was full of BB-rings - when I saw her.  She was BLING-UTIFUL and PINK... Perfect for me!  I knew that she and my "INNY" would be a perfect match.  They hit it off immediately!  
Pinky, was always so supportive, never complaining after ALL those HOT summer days I would BAKE in the sun and HEAT her up.  She never skipped a beat just kept on SHINING!
We have been through so much together!  She helped me get through college.  She traveled with me through Europe.  Pinky, was even there when I walked down the aisle and became Mrs. Kraus!
October marked the beginning of the end.  This was when "Pinky" got the news.  She was a fighter and fought till the end, but the END was inevitable...
After much thought, "INNY" and PINKY decided that it was time to part.  "INNY" explained to PINKY that BIGGER things were in the near future and that over time he would most likely become an "OUTIE," involuntarily of course. 
November 21st, at 8:15, Pinky was unscrewed and taken out of "INNY."  It was a planned and peaceful ceremony.  She was cleaned and laid to rest.  
PINKY is survived by: INNY, her partner of 8 years.  Best Friends: Mrs. Wedding Band, Mrs. Diamond Earring, and Mr. Toe Ring.

Summer 2000 - November 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming June 2009

Last Thursday we went to the doctor to have our 1st sonogram. Yea! We were able to see our little "Blob Baby" and it's heart beat. It was AMAZING to say the least! 
Things that we learned:
*There is ONLY 1 baby :)
*Our baby is 1.3cm long (size of a blueberry)
*Heartbeat was 159 bpm (Does this imply a BOY or GIRL?)
*The Due Date is... June 20th (Grandma Joan's B*day!)

Ladies & Gents we are proud to SHOW-OFF... 
"Baby Blob Kraus!"  
Check him/her out.. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It was a Trick-or-Treat FO SHO!!!

Our house was FULL of "A LIST" Celebrity Craziness this Halloween...

The guest list included: Michael Phelps - dressed in a lil more than just his gold medals; Sarah Palin - who was still trying to win over some last minute votes; The Cutest Polar Bear in Town - who chased Bailey Boo "the BUG" all night long; JOEY - yes you read correctly, Senator came dressed up as JOEY.  Live entertainment was provided by a "local musician" that is still hoping for his BIG BREAK!  Ahhh yes, Beep and I too dressed up, FRO and all!  :)  Beep was a "70's Flipper Flashback," and I was an "80's HOTTIE" of course! lol  
From the moment that our guest stepped into our house they were playing a game - - and didn't even know it!  We changed ALL the pictures; in our house, to "CLUES" that TIPPED off a few and CONFUSED one or two.  It took some longer than others... but there was one clue that made it all so CLEAR "it was as if it were written in the sand!"

Thought that you may like to see some pics from the Halloween Bash!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Whoa Baby!

One of my good friends found this website ( and I just had to dabble in the fun!  This website takes your picture and your spouse's and morphs them together to make a baby.

Prepare yourself...  Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce you to the next generation of Kraus'.  HA*HA*HA! 

Of course we must start out first, with OUR curly headed little boy...

Next is OUR little girl! Hey, I can dream can't I... who knows it could happen! LOL

Let's be honest these children look a little devilish!  They look  angry as though they are plotting something against their make believe parents!  Scary!!!

Hope that this made you laugh as much as it did me! Alright, I will wrap it up now... because I know that you are already thinking of what pictures you can use to see what the future holds for you! Happy Baby Making!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I know that you are probably thinking, "WOW Amanda must be desperate to blog if she is posting pictures of STRAWS!"  Well, I am not desperate... but, yes this post is about STRAWS!  Let's begin...
Beep and I went to Burger King to grab a nutritious supper, in a sack.  Along with our dinner, we ordered a dessert to share... a Oreo Sundae Shake (like a blizzard.)  I was driving and Beep was holding the food, which is never good because then 1/2 the fries are gone before we get home. Moving on, Beep couldn't wait any longer and dove right in, literally, to the Oreo Shake.  He then discovered that we had just been given "THE BIGGEST STRAW," in the WORLD.  It was a scene straight out of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", you know when Charlie finds "THE TICKET." This "JUMBO BLUE STRAW" was AMAZING... Blizzards have been around for years... why hasn't anyone ever thought of JUMBO straws?  (Another one of those things that you say "Dang why didn't I think of that!)
To give you some idea on how big this straw is compared to an average drinking straw... check out these pics!!! I am not kidding this straw feels like you have a "garden hose" in your mouth.  Have you ever been slurping on a Oreo Blizzard and all of sudden your eye balls feel like they are going to explode, because you were sucking so hard, and a big piece of Oreo got stuck in the bottom?
Problem: Your straw is TOO small. 
Solution: GET A JUMBO BLUE STRAW FROM BURGER KING!!! (Have you learned anything?)   
You will never have to stop slurping and move your straw around, in your cup again, because of a clog! Nope, no need for a spoon... "JUMBO BLUE STRAW" will get ever one of those pesky little Oreo chunks!
You see people... Blizzards with Dinky little straws are soooooo YESTERDAY!  It is time to UPGRADE guys...  Let's enjoy these OREO shakes the way it was intended...  

This advertisement was brought to you by: "Jumbo Blue Straws!"  GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!  

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Zzzz... Zzzz... This is what I looked like Friday,  when I put my last little friend on the bus! Hanging out with 20 five year olds, for a week, can really put a number on you. I forget every year how tiring it is... physically and mentally. I have done more squats this week than I did, in 6 weeks of Boot Camp! This is no joke! 
Side Note: Did you know that Wipe containers (the tube kind) are dangerous? Oh yeah, I almost lost my middle finger Thursday afternoon due to one of these. 
Explanation: One of my lil friends was celebrating their birthday, so we were all eating cupcakes. It was getting a little messy, so I thought I better start passing out some wipes. It was a new container, so I had to push the first wipe through the hole. After pushing the wipe through the little (X) top, I went to pull my finger out... OUCH! My finger was caught, and the plastic was digging into it! (I starred at my finger, seriously does this kind of stuff ever happen to other people.) "No way this is not happening!" I thought.   At this point my finger is swelling and turning different shades of purple and red. I kept trying to tug on my finger, which shoved the little plastic corner deeper into my finger - PAIN, PAIN, MORE PAIN! I then decided to calmly walked out of my room (yes, I left children in the room alone - believe me they never noticed they were still gobbling up their cupcake) and across the hall to V. Neel's room. She was on her computer, with her back turned, when I told her I needed her help. You can imagine her face when she turned around and saw that I had a wipe container attached to my finger. :) (I can laugh now!) It took awhile... nothing was working! How embarrassing would it be if I had to go to the emergency room with this plastic container hanging from my arm? I can see it now, "Coming through, we have an emergency, lady with the wipe finger!"   Then V. Neel did the unthinkable she sacrificed her own finger and shoved it up underneath right by mine. It made the opening large enough for me to pull my finger out! I WAS FREE! I couldn't feel the tip of my finger... BUT I WAS FREE! The length that friends will go to! Thanks V. Neel, you saved my middle finger and I owe you! 
Reflection: Do you think that God was punishing me for using my middle finger for purposes that it wasn't intended for? Lesson learned.  You will all be happy to know that... I have retired these sign-language gestures, (so if you cut me off etc., I will just do absolutely nothing.) I love my middle finger and I am glad that it is still attached to my hand. I can happily announce that I have been doing finger therapy and have regained ALL my strength back. 
As mentioned earlier, I made it through my first week and I am still in one piece.
How many more weeks till Thanksgiving Break?  Just Kidding...  Hope all of my fellow teachers "got their groove back" and had a great 1st week. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who's ringing... I mean POPPIN?

You watch... you be the judge... and then come over so we can try it! (LOL) I love stuff like this!
Thanks Mom

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's been a while...

August 6th was my BIRTH-DAY... I turned a whopping 26! Anyway, we celebrated and went to the Ranger game (vs. Yankees) where we met Michelle & James.  I will be honest, going to see the Rangers and sitting in over 100 degree weather, really isn't my idea of fun. Our tickets gave us access to the Cuervo Club and our original plan was to hang out pre-game and then head outside to sweat to death. Fun right? What actually happened... Pre-game trickled into game time, and before we knew it, the game was over and we were watching 45,000 people (seriously) scurry up the bleachers and out of the park. We decided what was the hurry.. so we sat in some PHAT leather seats and watched them clean up the field... very interesting actually! The moral of this story (Yes there is one) even I can have fun at Ranger Games... I just had to do it "my way..." (as Frank would say) ---> Dressed up, sitting at a table INSIDE, with one hand dipping chips in cheese dip and the other... well holding a Long Island of course! Oh yeah...GO RANGERS!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tune In...

I had to share... For those of you that have XM Radio, Channel 51 is doing a Coldplay Marathon for the next 30 days! Yeah, I know AWESOME right! I love them... just thought that I would let my fellow Coldplay "Lov-uhhhs" (as Carey Bradshaw would say) know!

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that some of you can not see (located on the right) my bloggin buddies, past posts, or my playlist. It appears perfectly fine on my computer, so I was unaware of this problem for quite some time. Please leave a comment and tell me if you see these things or if you TOO are missing out!

Thanks for all your help.
Happy Listening!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kranky's Beach Bash!

We're Back! We spent a whole week on the beach in Navarre, Florida. Oh my gosh, it was amazing... & much needed might I add!

First off... Beeper & I want to thank Uncle Kranky & Aunt Sarah again for their generosity & including us on their family trip! You made it all happen & I hope that you know how much we appreciate it! While I am thanking folks...

Let me just break in down...


Flipper & Frannie - Who shuttled, not only Beeper & I but... ALL OUR STUFF! Who is never without a Lionel CD when it is time for the "Annual Kraus Suburban Concert." Also, thank you for cooking literally every meal - breakfast, lunch, and AMAZING DINNERS! Hey, who wants some CHICKEN SALAD? --POINT--

Jeff (Prissy) - Who never forgets to bring all his "lil monsters" (lol), & is always coming up with "new material" & most importantly... never lets me down when we are going over the PENSACOLA BRIDGE. :)

Carson Grant (Diggy) - Who showed us how to act like a GORILLA, & "dick'n" everyone involved with all your entertainment!

Lauren Brooke (Sissy) - Who always was in good spirits & never hesitated when I would ask her to be my photographer. Thank you again for all your help!

Jennifer & Sean (Senator) - Who brought the Wii that kept everyone entertained ALL WEEK! Who helped me check off two things on my 'bucket list!" Who lived it up at the Juana Club, danced, and camped out on the beach with Beep & I! Thanks for the memories... That was AWESOME! (I wonder if the 'Lil Gnome" is still sitting on his perch?)

Chase (Wheeler) - Who was a great roommate - thanks for not snoring! Seriously!!! And who continues to keep us laughing his contagious cackle.

Jordan - Who came into this BIG KRAZY family and gave Flipper someone else to make fun of besides... ME! I really do appreciate it!

Uncle Kranky & Aunt Sarah - Who ventured out into the treacherous waters with me and Beep! Who provided us with a memorable trip, vermicelli, & wine tasting, at its finest! Thanks again for everything!

Another good trip with FAMILY! It doesn't get better than that!
Enjoy the pics... you know I only took A FEW!

Love you guys!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 GiDDy BeaCh BuMs!

Let the count-down begin, in less than 30 hours Beep & I will be in a packed suburban heading to the BEACH! Whoo-hoo! Oh my geezzzzz.... We are stoked and are happily welcoming the eight hour drive! :) Well technically for me it is roughly a 4 hour drive... I tend to fall asleep sometimes, (lol) oh alright...EVERYTIME!
Hey, guess what Prissy, I MADE PUPPYCHOW! Should have known not to make it today, Lil Beep can not stay out of it... he is such a SNACKER! Anywho, I will be making some more tomorrow... HERE'S TO VACATION! This pic goes out to "All My Rowdy Family," R U Ready 4 A "GOOD TIME" & R U Ready 2 "PAR--TAYYYY!" Can you tell who started their Pre-Party already? (POINT!) SOMEBODY GET US TO THE BEACH!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

KraZy KraUS BOYz!

Anytime you head over to the "Kraus House" you know that you are in for a GOOD TIME and last night was one of THOSE nights. Like always, we began the evening with a feast of scrumptious food (thank you Flipper & Frannie). Afterwards, we planned on playing some "family" card games, you know, any game that the BOYS can cheat at works. During cleaning up and getting all the "Lil Kraus Boys" down for the night... the "Big Kraus Boys" began to get bored. You all know what happens when BOYS get bored... well they find things to do! After hearing "POINT" for the 13th time... I knew that I had to take a peek. This is what I found...

Everyone knows that when MOM is not around... you tend to do things that you WOULD NEVER do in her presence! No one worries about the Dad's.... nope, because they are right in the middle of it... as illustrated PERFECTLY by... Flipper.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My New Fav...

Okay, so today I was cleaning the house and you can not clean without loud music, at least I can't! I rarely listen to CMT, but today VH1, MTV, BET etc. wasn't playing music so last resort was CMT. Anywho... CMT was doing there weekly countdown when I heard my new favorite song with a slammin (how you like that) SUMMER VIDEO to go with it. I am sure I am behind on the lastest country hits, but I just had to share! Hope that you enjoy this video as much as I did... I can not wait to hang out on the beach, with Beep & the ipod, and soak up the sun, while jammin to "All I Want To Do!" Here's to summer... Whoo-hoo! I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day!

This past weekend we celebrated Father's Day with all the Daddy's in our family.

Saturday we hung out by the pool, at the Kraus House. We ate great food... thanks to Jeffrey for being the cook and sharing your "home grown" veggies with us. Everything was scrumptious! Special shout out to Joey who celebrated his 1st Father's Day! Whoo-hoo!

Sunday we went to Pappy's farm and ate more food! Again there were more veggies, compliments to Pappy, the gardener. Dang, who doesn't have their own garden? Maybe that is what I need to do over my summer... Oh my gosh...I could buy some cutie-puh*tootie garden shoes, and a HUGE hat, to keep away the rays! You laugh, but you can totally see it too right? Yes this sounds like a great idea, but I will have to run this all by my right hand man...BPK!

Father's Day was fun and eventful, I even got to go flower picking with my Daddy! Here's to all the Daddy's out there hope that you had a Great Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What... A New Post?!?

Alright Val... Are you happy I have finally made my way back to the keyboard?

Okay, first thing first... I must apologize to those of you that actually read our blog! You haven't been doing any reading in the past month... because I have totally just dropped you! Again my deepest apologies! Believe me I have not been blogging because I nothing to blog about... the past month has brought a world wind of events. Bunker down people your gonna be here for a while! :)

Let's begin...

Memorial Weekend we all set sail to Kranky's Resort in Kingwood! As you can tell in the pics we had so much fun! Some of us... BPK... got over served with the help of his "Rowdy Family" - which would explain the "bobbing for beer!" I too, did what I love most which was: eating yummy food & watching movies with great company - thanks Sarah and Jordan! "Hats Off" to Uncle Kranky and Aunt Sarah for the great weekend and sharing your retreat with us. I can not wait to party again with you guys... this time on the BEACH! Hootie-Hoo!

June 7th was a day of celebration! My brother and cousin graduated from high school. Unfortunately, one went to Pine Tree and the other in Hallsville, and there graduation was the same night and same time. Seeing how the whole family could not be both places at once we all had to get together to celebrate. So we ate an early dinner at GZ's (yummy) and then parted ways. Graduation did not start till 8. This made me excited, I had time to relax, it wouldn't be hot... etc! WRONG-O! If you know my Mother this will not surprise you in any way. We left for the stadium at 6:20'ish...
Sitting in the stands for an hour/half I had plenty of time to think and reflect. I could not believe that it had been 8 years since Beep and I had made our walk on that very stage. I loved high school, I am one of those that would go back in a minute if given that choice. It was a time of learning, living carefree, biggest worry literally was what your Friday night plans were. Oh were those the days! Let's check the time: hmmm... 6:45... did not take me very long to reflect!
Let's fast forward---> Finally 8 o'clock and the music begins to play... Hunter makes his way down the track! He looks so big and grown up! They all sit down and I look down at the program to discover all the people that will be called out before his. Oh geeeezzzz... I really do not remember graduation being this long. We make our way through the alphabet and then we arrive to the G's... "HUNTER JACOB GREEN!" He walks across stage and gives us his BIG, side hitched, "Stephen Tyler," smile. We yelled like it was nobodies business! And that was it...
It still is amazing to me how you work so hard and dedicate 13 years of your life for five seconds!
Here is a little math: If you stay in school all thirteen years (I am including the most important year here people, kindergarten-duh!) That puts you at dedicating over 16,653 hours of your time at school, that is not including extra curricular activities, studying etc. DANG THAT IS A LOT, but you see it is all worth it because on graduation night they are going to announce your name in front of everyone and give you five seconds of that 16,653 hours back. :)
So here is what I have learned... you only get those five seconds once... GO OUT WITH A BANG BABY! Do something that people will remember, spice it up! I am going to start thinking about what my kids, the kids I do not have, can do at their graduation. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know... :)

Beep and I just celebrated our two year anniversary on June 10th! Whoo-hoo! Funny Short Story: Beeper told me "hey look everyone always says that if you can make it past the first two years you are good to go!" Hmmm... I didn't know if I should tell him or not, but I always heard it was called the "SEVEN Year Itch" and we had five years to go before we would be "GOOD TO GO!" He was so serious... oh an I didn't tell him so let's keep that our little secret. Time flies when you are having a good time! Here's hoping that the next two years are as great as the first two!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom Night


Tonight was another milestone for Hunter Jacob... PROM! He looked so handsome & his girlfriend, Brianna, was beautiful in her sparkling tangerine dress! Precious cleans up real nice like! I had so much fun partaking in the "water front" photo shoot... I LOVED IT! Thank you two for letting me be apart! It was so mind boggling to look out into the crowd at promenade and see all the parents, of the once "little boys" that played with Hunter on pee-wee football... and to know those boys, like Hunter, are all grown up now and about to embark on a new life. CRAZY!!! A time that we never thought would come, but came much too quickly... in a couple of weeks Hunter will join me and become a PINE TREE ALUMNI!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5 and 0

We have a target on our backs. We are the only team in the league that is undefeated sitting at 5 and 0 as well as the only team that has its own team videographer. Thanks Amanda, we all enjoy it.
Zach White hit the ball well last week and we are expecting big thins from him this week at the plate. Hunter had some fans there this week and it showed at the plate. He was frustrated and of course, we have video to prove it.
Big Joe hit the ball well again wearing his lime green shorts that took him yard again. Your boy Blake Tucker handled 3rd base like a true 3rd basemen, making great plays. Charles has to be the best pitcher in the city of Longview, Chad Powell closed the game with a charging catch out in left field. Wednesday night will be a test for Charles in Charge because we play the late game at 9:30.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Off to the races!

We got all dressed up... we were off to the Kentucky Derby Races! We had the "Big Wig" hats & money in our pockets. We all went over to Joey & Nicole's for some friendly betting. (They recorded hours & hours of the races from earlier!) We drew our numbers... & took our places for the 1st race.
So we start the races... Dang first race down and no one wins! OH WELL, MORE MONEY IN THE POT FOR ME NEXT TIME! I have to mention that the first race took up 2 hours of the recording time! Yeah, so we only had two hours left! :) Next race... again like the first... NO WINNER! Whoo-hoo... more money into the POT PEOPLE! (Note: that race accounted for another hour of recording time!) Can you imagine if you were really there & you had to spend 6 hours to watch a couple of races! NO THANK YOU! Okay, back to the races... Down to the wire & we are hoping that we can get in one more race because there is only like 20 minutes left of recording! We drew the last numbers of the evening... I had #13,#20 & Beep had #12. There off... at this point the horses are in one huge clump, you can not see any of their #'s. Then one horse takes the lead & starts smoking the others leaving them in his DUST... literally! (I am sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that the jockey was totally beating it with his little whip--- HORSE ABUSE!) Anywho? So the race is over and that horse won... Finally, I can see the horse's #! WHAT? #20... BIG BROWN wins which means... AMANDA WINS! Whoo-hoo! Look out BIG WINNER of $24.00! It was a GREAT night: got to dress up, eat great snacks & pizza, spend time with family & friends & I WON! Thanks Joey & Nicole for using up all your DVR time for those 3 races... :) WE HAD LOTS OF FUN!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy 70th B*day!

Yesterday my Grandmama turned the big 70! Of course we had to CELEBRATE!!! The family and special guest, Reeder and Katherine, all met at Cheddar's for a birthday dinner. There were gifts and there was CAKE! YUMMY CAKE!!! I must add that I got the cake from Butcher Shop and had them put it in the back so Grandmama wouldn't see it. The moment finally came... they came out with lit candles and everything! Grandmama then proceeds to tell them, CHEDDARS, how sweet THEY are and how nice it was that they gave her a cake. THEY SAID YOU ARE WELCOME AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had to squash that and let Grandmama know that good deed was all... ME! Needless to say she had a great birthday! Nothing is better than celebrating with your loved ones and friends!!! Here is to many birthdays to come! Happy 70th Birthday Grandmama!!!

This is one of the cutest videos I have... Make a wish!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

4 and 0 and Still In Charge!!

I know I am late on posting again, but better late than never...
So, We are 4 and 0 now and still going strong. "Sunshine" opened the game by missing a ground ball hit to him out in center field. He tells us that he would have had it, but he was putting his tooth pick behind his ear while fielding the ball and it just got by him. No worries Sunshine!
Chad Powell went yard on us first followed by Ted, two nice hits. Hunter got a little worried on the bases not knowing what to do. Blake had his chance to turn two, but couldn't make the throw from third! I made a couple, okay, too many mistakes out in the field. Sorry TEAM! Jeff was at his prime position , on the bench, running his mouth. Joey was a little pre-occupied because Jackson, his son, was there to watch his daddy play, or maybe just to cry!! Thanks to Amanda for coming in the dug-out and taking pictures and videos. Thanks to the Tucker's and the Green Family,for coming out and supporting us along with the other fans of Charles in Charge! The videos tell it all...Next game is Wednesday at 8:30!

How time flies!

So yesterday, April 26th, Hunter Jacob turned 18! I can not believe it... it still seems like he should be curly headed, dressed up in his BATMAN costume and standing at the end of the sidewalk waving to all the neighbors! Time flies... he is 18, graduating from high-school and about to sail into the next chapter of his life!
To celebrate his birthday I took him and his "work buddies" a healthy breakfast... DOUGHNUTS!!! Well not so healthy, but I do not think that they minded.
The celebration continued... we went to the "All My Rowdy Family" concert in Shreveport, La. SO MUCH FUN! Last night Hunter was able to put a BIG check on his "bucket list," seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd!!! If you know Hunter at all, you know he thinks they are the BEST. It was so much fun to watch him... watching them!!! Of course, I had a teary moment -- one of the first songs Hunter ever played on his guitar was "Tuesday's Gone." It is one of this favs. When they played it last night and Hunter's face lit up with so much "WOW," it was all I could do to hold back the "happy" tears. :) I just love that kid!!!
I can not write about last night without mentioning, Hank Williams Jr. I have now seen him twice, OH MY GOSH! He is such an entertainer! He is none stop and a one man show! Hank is so talented, not only vocally, but the various instruments that he plays and lets not forget his impersonations. If you ever get an opportunity to see him, without question GO, GO, GO! I hope that I get another chance!
All in all, I think "Precious" had a great birthday! One to remember for sure!!! Happy Birthday Bud!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I have been a little sluggish on the blog and a few team mates have been getting a little upset. Yes, we are 3 and 0. It was the first game that the 3 KRAUS boys all played. Joey at 1st, Jeff at 2nd, and Beep at Short Stop.
Once again, that #4 Blake Tucker had a great game! He is swinging for the fences and coming really close to putting it out! It is amazing how that lil guy can come to a stop on the bases...
Hunter came through again coming really close to hitting a HOMER bringing BIG JOJO on in to home, making sure his run counted!
Let's see, Jeff, Walt, and Beep all came up bleeding in the first inning and it looks like I will be the only 1 out of the 3 of us to play this week due to injuries. I think that we all need to THANK those few supporters that we have, including the appearance of Mrs. Tucker in her Orange!! For those who want to come and support us, the game this week is at 6:30 on Wednesday! We are having to move some players around due to the injured reserve list, but we will have a few players back and things are looking good for Charles in Charge.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PIR Annual Crawfish Boil

For the past seven years my Uncle Brandon's company PIR has put on a big crawfish boil. As always we had so much fun! We got it started early and ate into the night.... oh did we ever eat! The hottest potatoes and corn that I have ever put into my mouth... you know I was not about to put any little critters up in my mouth! My taste buds have grown over the past couple of years, but not that much people. Thanks again Uncle Brandon & Aunt Shannon for some good time family fun! Here's looking forward to next year!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Lil Robin Mama's babies have finally hatched! They are precious... in an alien'ish way! As of right now we have three baby birds and two eggs left. (Left) Here are the babies just hanging out trying to catch a lil shut eye.
Side Note: Most of you know that Beeper refers to me as the "Dog Whisperer." Well add "Bird Whisperer" to that... (Right) I was whistling to the lil birds asking them if they were hungry. As you can see... THEY WERE STARVING!
(If you would like a closer look at the baby birds click on the pic.)