Saturday, November 27, 2010

A New World of Fun!

So, if you hit up Toys R Us, on Thanksgiving or Black Friday... pin a rose on your nose! You, my friend, are a BETTER person than I! Beep and I attempted Thursday night @ 10:00, with all the other 70,000 outlaws that live in Longview. NO LIE, the line was wrapped around the whole outside of the store, it weaved around to the other side of Circuit City, and was headed up to Academy. WTH? IT WAS CRAZY... We laughed hysterically... and LEFT!!!

2nd Attempt - Black Friday 3:00 ish' ... the parking lot itself looked like the aftermath of Chilifest (just smelled a little better). We looked past it, and followed the other penny savers inside. G-ooooooooooooooo... someone went seriously MAD on this store! There was crap thrown everywhere. Nothing was in it's place. Oh, even better was when you would ask an EMPLOYEE for help. LOL!!! And EVERY TIME you would get the clearly REHEARSED... "Oh mam, I don't know, I'm just helping this store out!" or "I usually work in the back!" my favorite was... "Your guess is as good as mine!" NICE... and like DejuVu... Beep and I laughed hysterically and LEFT!!!

3rd attempt - this morning 7:00 a.m. Parking lot still looked pretty disturbing, BUT at this point WHO CARES!!! We counted and there were 8 cars in the parking lot. 6 had frosty windows... must be "workers!" The other 3 were... OUR COMPETITION! It was a MAD dash to the door. Bahahahaha .... It didn't go like that at all. We ALL casually got out of our car and meandered to the door. IT WAS GREAT... We had the store to ourselves. It was Heaven... there were TOYS on the SHELVES, and even better underneath it would have a tag that told you what the toy was and how much! ORGANIZATION is Priceless!!!!

Fast Forward - An hour later, we were back in the car and headed to where else for breakfast... Chick-fila of course! Again it was just us, not including most of the Longview Police Department. They love them some chicken don't they? It seems that every time we go there, Chick-fila is having some big celebration, so the play area is overflowing with excited kids. This morning it was calm... and still.... NO KIDS! It was the perfect time to introduce Mr. Kingston to this new world of FUN!

I don't know who had a better time... Kingston or his Mama & Dada watching him!
Lil' boys are ridiculously adorable and fun!

I am so very very blessed and THANKFUL...

Happy Holidays Y'all!