Friday, November 25, 2011

Who's got the deal?

    Here we go again... I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone!  Let the countdown begin... because CHRISTMAS is just around the corner people.  So much to do, BUT... 1st things FIRST... Christmas/Holiday Cards!
     One of my favorite things to do since I was little, was to help my Mom pick out our Family's Christmas card.  Since I now have a little family of my own it makes it just that much more special and the tradition continues... 
     Last year, Shutterfly had a great deal that they offered to their bloggers for holiday cards. As I started to prepare this season and check out their card selections, I found that Shutterfly didn't have as good of a deal this year.  So, I decided I would see what else was out there and I stumbled onto Tiny Prints.  I have actually heard a lot about them and I really liked their Christmas Card selection.  I wanted to share some of my favs...

I love how "kiddy" this card is... very much would go with my little 2 1/2 year old!

I'm a sucker for polka-dots... LOVE them!!!

So different... I have never thought about a circle Christmas Card!  How unique...

     The choices are endless and it truly will be hard to choose!  I am excited about loading my pics and narrowing down my selection.  To add to this holiday excitement I found out that Tiny Prints is doing a promotion this year for bloggers that's a lot like the one Shutterfly had last year. 

     Apply and get selected to blog about their Christmas Cards - receive 50 FREE Christmas Cards - they offer a lot of the same stuff as Shutterfly too!  It's great... 
     What?  You want to know where to apply... :)  to participate in this AWESOME promotion this year... just fill out the form by Tiny Prints ---> HERE!!!   
      I will go ahead and tell you that when I applied it did take close to a week for me to hear a response!  I won't lie I thought they forgot about me... but low and behold, I finally got it!
So there you have people... Who's got the deal?

Happy Holidays... 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well it's that time... Christmas! While most of you are worrying about what gift you're getting, and for whom. I am "excitingly" worrying about what our Christmas card is going to look like. Will it be in color or black/white. Will I do one picture or multiple. Who all will even be in the pic. The decisions are endless... I don't know what I love more... creating/sending or receiving holiday cards.
It's all just so much FUN!!!

Like every year, I search around looking for the cutest selection online. I must say, hands down Shutterfly has it going on. Their 2010 holiday cards are too, too cute! So many to choose from... it will definitely be hard to decide! What? You would like to some I have been checking out...

I am really diggin' the square, not to mention the color combo we have going here. Red and Green with a splash of chocolate... makes you want some hot cocoa huh?

Oh, the plaid... always so sweet!

Oh wait... that was just the flat cards! Moving on to a WHOLE new world...
Folded Holiday Cards! More plaid... I'm LOVIN!!!

Classic Holiday Card with Initial Stamp and Year... TIMELESS!

After checking out all the holiday cards I had to venture over to the other Fabulous Cards! SHUTTERFLY has thought of everything... they have it all, baby announcements, birthday cards, party invitations. I had to share these cutie Holiday Party Invitations.

Something for the kids...

Ahhhh... Don't you wish you were invited to this CLASSY party?

Now, that I have your attention and got your Holiday wheels going... Shutterfly has this AMAZING offer going on right now. Are you ready for this???


SHUTTEFLY is giving 50 Free Christmas Cards to you just for blogging about them! You read correctly. You can get high quality cards, just by letting the world know how wonderful Shutterfly is and what all they have to offer. What are you waiting for? Start spreading the news... AND get a jump start on your Christmas Cards today!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A New World of Fun!

So, if you hit up Toys R Us, on Thanksgiving or Black Friday... pin a rose on your nose! You, my friend, are a BETTER person than I! Beep and I attempted Thursday night @ 10:00, with all the other 70,000 outlaws that live in Longview. NO LIE, the line was wrapped around the whole outside of the store, it weaved around to the other side of Circuit City, and was headed up to Academy. WTH? IT WAS CRAZY... We laughed hysterically... and LEFT!!!

2nd Attempt - Black Friday 3:00 ish' ... the parking lot itself looked like the aftermath of Chilifest (just smelled a little better). We looked past it, and followed the other penny savers inside. G-ooooooooooooooo... someone went seriously MAD on this store! There was crap thrown everywhere. Nothing was in it's place. Oh, even better was when you would ask an EMPLOYEE for help. LOL!!! And EVERY TIME you would get the clearly REHEARSED... "Oh mam, I don't know, I'm just helping this store out!" or "I usually work in the back!" my favorite was... "Your guess is as good as mine!" NICE... and like DejuVu... Beep and I laughed hysterically and LEFT!!!

3rd attempt - this morning 7:00 a.m. Parking lot still looked pretty disturbing, BUT at this point WHO CARES!!! We counted and there were 8 cars in the parking lot. 6 had frosty windows... must be "workers!" The other 3 were... OUR COMPETITION! It was a MAD dash to the door. Bahahahaha .... It didn't go like that at all. We ALL casually got out of our car and meandered to the door. IT WAS GREAT... We had the store to ourselves. It was Heaven... there were TOYS on the SHELVES, and even better underneath it would have a tag that told you what the toy was and how much! ORGANIZATION is Priceless!!!!

Fast Forward - An hour later, we were back in the car and headed to where else for breakfast... Chick-fila of course! Again it was just us, not including most of the Longview Police Department. They love them some chicken don't they? It seems that every time we go there, Chick-fila is having some big celebration, so the play area is overflowing with excited kids. This morning it was calm... and still.... NO KIDS! It was the perfect time to introduce Mr. Kingston to this new world of FUN!

I don't know who had a better time... Kingston or his Mama & Dada watching him!
Lil' boys are ridiculously adorable and fun!

I am so very very blessed and THANKFUL...

Happy Holidays Y'all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The After Bath Rundown...

So, here is Mr. Kingston... in what else, but HIS DIAPER! My case: We did actually just get out of the bathtub and his pj's are on a hanger behind him. I know y'all think I make all this up and he actually is never dressed and ALWAYS wears his diaper, TELL THE TRUTH! Despite what my son has on... a cutie video... is a CUTIE VIDEO!

SO, turn the music down and sit back for a couple of minutes and let Kingston give you the rundown...

Bye Bye Everyone!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catch up with the Kraus'

Kingston is completely embarrassed for his Mama, and how long its been since her last post! Let's see the last post was from THIS SUMMER!?! Oh, JEEPERS... Let's catch up!

School is in session... I'm still teaching Kindergarten and lovin' it. Pine Tree PIRATES... REPRESENT!!! Twenty new lil' kiddos and they are all wonderful. I have a great class this year. Beeper still bleeds "some" blue... BUT he is a PANTHER. This is his second year, coaching at Spring Hill. You name it, and he coaches it!

On to the MAIN SHOW...
My #1 Boy... Kingston Hunter

I'm always up for a photo shoot. Even better when they are impromptu and unplanned. Here are some pictures taking downtown last month. We had so much fun watching Kingston STRUT his stuff. I just can't figure out where he gets it from.

One of my favorites...
So innocent and following his CUPCAKE!!!

I knew if I wanted to get more than 1 picture. I would need something to keep him entertained. Thanks to Mr. G... my man loves him some SUCKERS. So, I got a HUGE sucker that would last him ALL DAY and allow me to take hundreds of pictures... it was PERFECT!

After getting STICKY sucker ALL over our CUTIE outfit... we new what had to be done! Down to the BASICS. Oh yeah, you know Kingston didn't mind. He thought it was great! Check out those dirty lil' feet!

The excitement continues...

Just chillin! You should have seen the people driving by. All of them, STARING at my child sitting in the alley with a ginormous sucker... oh yeah, and with no clothes on. Some people just don't understand... what you have to do to get a GOOD PICTURE!!!

I love this picture... his signature head tilt.
Time for reflection... or is he coming down from his "sugar high?"
You decide.

Kingston and his best buddy... Landon!
Every time "My Michelle" comes to town... it is inevitable that we have a PLAY DATE with our boys! It was crazy when they came over and we opened the door we realized they both had their jerseys on.
Speaking of football... Kingston is obsessed! We wear our Cowboy jersey EVERY Sunday. The minute you turn on a Football Game he is running full speed to the TV screaming, "FOOTBALL! FOOTBALL!" This lil' dude get his football, lowers his head, and with his BOOTY up in the air say, "Down..."
It cracks me up every time!
These two are NEVER still...
Somehow Beep can always get them to lay down and be still just long enough to be... TICKLED!!!

10 years... SERIOUSLY???
Last weekend, Beep and I had our 10 year reunion. It's still NUTS to me, just thinking about it. DENIAL - Not really... I just can't believe that much time has already passed.

Pictured above: Old Baseball Buddies
Blake Stagner and son, Warren
Zach White and daughter, Sloane
Beeper and Kingston

We had so much fun!
It was great seeing everyone and getting to meet their kids at the park.

Kingston and Manda...
He thinks it is SO funny to yell "Manda, Manda, Manda..." I know people hear him and think "Listen to that poor kid, that Mother doesn't want to be called Mama and instead she taught him her NAME! Parents these days! What is the world coming to?"
Actually, NOT the case, he gets BIG LAUGHS from his Daddy etc. when he says it... and Kingston is ALL ABOUT BIG LAUGHS... therefore, I am his "Mama Manda!"

Fall is in the air! Well sorta...
One day it 90 degrees, and then a "cold front" comes through and we all get excited. You know what I am talking about. We break out the scarves, even cater to the thought of wearing our UGGS. Then we realize it may be FALL, but it still feels like SUMMER! Summer was fun, BUT I am ready for FALL WEATHER!

Our Fall tree is decorated... and pumpkins are everywhere. Every night, Kingston helps me turn them all on. Every night, it's as if it were the 1st time... he gets so excited!

What's a ghost say Kingston? YEP... BOOOOOOOOOO!
This is the face of... "Picture time is over... and I am done Mama!"

Well that's all for now folks!

I will try not to wait so long next time!

Until then...

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lakeside Memories

Early June, Kingston and I were invited to go to Lake Ouachita, AR with our great family friends the Mahone's! I was so excited! I have gone almost every summer since I was 14 with Michelle. This would be the first time to be back there and have both of our boys!

We were off... Kingston and I drove the 3 1/2 hour drive! Just like his Mother, Kingston slept the entire way. What a nice drive it was!

We finally made it... and we couldn't get to the "GREAT COBALT" fast enough! Kingston's first time to put on the orange life jacket... Let's just say it was like putting a stray jacket on a cat that just got a bath!

BUT, after much distraction... snacks and of course BALLS... KHK knew he would be OKAY!

One loaded down banana!
Starting from the front: Maylee, Ella, Hadley (Michelle's Nieces,) Leigh Anne (Michelle's sister-in-law), Kingston, Me, Landon, and Michelle!

After tubing, Captain Wesley took us to a cove so the kiddo's to take a dip. I have never been one to swim around in the lake! I tried to keep Kingston in the boat, but that lasted all of about 2 minutes after he saw everyone else. What the KING wants... the KING gets!
BUT, let the record show... I AM STILL NOT A LAKE SWIMMER!

After a yummy dinner, at the Shangri-La Diner, we took the boys for a wagon ride.

Kingston telling Landon some Baby Jokes!

Back out on the water...
We retired the banana... Moving onto THE MOLECULE!!!
Kingston was never scared (he gets that honest!) In fact, he fell asleep on this ride!

Picture Break with Mama!

We still can't believe that we were here with OUR BOYS! Oh, how our lives have FOREVER changed!

Kingston and I had so much fun making"NEW Lake Ouachita Memories" with the Mahone Family! Thanks again for taking us for the ride...

What a great way to kick off Summer 2010!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


June 9, 2010, Mr. Kingston turned ONE years old!
Can you believe it? Seriously, this has been the fastest, MOST FUN, year of MY life! It is CRAZY to look back and see how much Kingston has GROWN and LEARNED! He is PERFECT... and has changed my LIFE in SO many ways!

Sunday, June 13th
Kingston's 1st Birthday Beach Bash
My lil' man had his celebration at the Neighborhood Clubhouse this past weekend. So DIVE in and check out the pics from the PARTY!

The King's Chair

Kingston's Gift Area

Kingston enjoying his Uncle Hunter's (heirloom) tug boat

What's a Beach Bash without some Hotdogs?

Beep putting on his HAPPY face even though he was SWEATING to death!

Present time...

Cupcake got Kingston a plush Teddy Bear mat... and this is basically what he has been doing since Sunday with Mr. Bear! Oh yeah, the bed is FULL... you know we have to sleep with him too!
He LOVES Mr. Bear!!!

We have been practicing Happy Birthday all year... it's the celebration at the end that sometimes will bring Kingston to tears! So, he was WELL PREPARED when it was his moment... and like a CHAMP he smiled and ever so delicately DOVE into his cake!

He wasn't sure what to think and couldn't understand WHY I was ALLOWING and ENCOURAGING him to make a mess! I can see how this is a little confusing.

Always time for a quick family photo!

That's my boy ALWAYS willing to SHARE!

Grandmama got Kingston a Pirate Ship (water station).
It was such a BIG hit... with ALL ages!

Kingston and his buds: Landon and Brannon.

Brooks and Kingston

Kingston and Uncle Hunter cooling off.


My baby doll is all partied out and so very sleepy!

Happy Birthday Our Sweet Baby Boy!

We LOVE you SO MUCH!!!

Mama & Daddy