Tuesday, June 15, 2010


June 9, 2010, Mr. Kingston turned ONE years old!
Can you believe it? Seriously, this has been the fastest, MOST FUN, year of MY life! It is CRAZY to look back and see how much Kingston has GROWN and LEARNED! He is PERFECT... and has changed my LIFE in SO many ways!

Sunday, June 13th
Kingston's 1st Birthday Beach Bash
My lil' man had his celebration at the Neighborhood Clubhouse this past weekend. So DIVE in and check out the pics from the PARTY!

The King's Chair

Kingston's Gift Area

Kingston enjoying his Uncle Hunter's (heirloom) tug boat

What's a Beach Bash without some Hotdogs?

Beep putting on his HAPPY face even though he was SWEATING to death!

Present time...

Cupcake got Kingston a plush Teddy Bear mat... and this is basically what he has been doing since Sunday with Mr. Bear! Oh yeah, the bed is FULL... you know we have to sleep with him too!
He LOVES Mr. Bear!!!

We have been practicing Happy Birthday all year... it's the celebration at the end that sometimes will bring Kingston to tears! So, he was WELL PREPARED when it was his moment... and like a CHAMP he smiled and ever so delicately DOVE into his cake!

He wasn't sure what to think and couldn't understand WHY I was ALLOWING and ENCOURAGING him to make a mess! I can see how this is a little confusing.

Always time for a quick family photo!

That's my boy ALWAYS willing to SHARE!

Grandmama got Kingston a Pirate Ship (water station).
It was such a BIG hit... with ALL ages!

Kingston and his buds: Landon and Brannon.

Brooks and Kingston

Kingston and Uncle Hunter cooling off.


My baby doll is all partied out and so very sleepy!

Happy Birthday Our Sweet Baby Boy!

We LOVE you SO MUCH!!!

Mama & Daddy