Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our little SECRET!

Today I got to share my news with not only my friends at school, but with the KRAUS CREW!  They have played such a BIG role in my pregnancy.  They are very involved and we talk about Mrs.Kraus' little BUMP daily... they love to tell me how BIG it is getting! Honestly, can you ever imagine telling your teacher that they were getting BIG?  Hey they are HONEST... I respect that!  :)  Anyway, I wanted to share our events that took place today and how the Kraus Crew find out what our "NEWEST" Kraus Crew Member was going to be.
First, I had the morning message on the board, which explained that BIG NEWS was awaiting.  Then, I told them why I was gone the day before... because I went to the doctor. They knew that I had found out what it was because we have been counting down for a couple of months now!  Moving on... I then passed out paper hearts for them to write down their predictions.  Afterwards, we tallied them all up.  We then met at the rug and I revealed that the majority of the class was right... I was having a BOY! They were so excited!!!  I told them that this was our SECRET and we would tell the school the afternoon. (ha "our secret" Do you really think the chicks at my school could have waited that long? - they cheated and looked on the BLOG! :) Anyway, I told them that I have a little jingle that we could learn and we could announce it this afternoon. Whoo-hoo!  They were excited and it was ON!!!  After practicing some, I showed them BABY KRAUS pictures on the computer.  After that, we read one of my most favorite books... I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! 

Here are some pics from our BUSY day...

The Kraus Crew - when they found out the BIG NEWS!

What you want to see how our "Lil Jingle" went down?
Check out the SHOW!!!

Now, please don't judge... we had to learn it under a short period of time! :)

So there you have it... This is how the "BIG NEWS" went down at the Primary!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This morning was insane I couldn't sleep for anything.  I got up and ate my usual... 2 waffles and began drinking UP SOME WATER!  I was going to make sure that we could see the baby and ALL of his/her glory!  

Our appointment was at 11:00 and of course Beep and I showed up right at 11:00 and not a minute earlier... (it is just what I do!)  Oh, and of course my Mama & Daddy and Frannie were all there before us (it is just what they do.)  (I unfortunately didn't inherit that gene.)  
Did I mention that this was a total family affair?  Hey, You know Amanda Laine loves a Party!  So we all PILE in the dark room and take our places in front of the little 15" monitor!  (Oh I feel the need to mention that Flipper was unable to make it due to a "Belly Jelly" issue - we all know that he has ISSUES, but this one trumps them all!  So he HAPPILY awaited, but on speaker phone of course!) :)
The show began with some measurements... they measured the brain, kidneys, spine, all the little organs, etc.  The baby continued to keep his/her legs tightly closed the whole time.  Then apparently the baby got tired and realized that we were on a mission so it gave us a sneak peak...
As promised...

Yes!  I am a physic and the PENCIL TEST is CORRECT AGAIN!!! 
It's a boy... It's a boy!  I am crazy excited!

Here are some pictures of our Precious Little BOY!!!
I am in tears just typing that out... I can't believe that this day has FINALLY COME!

This picture proves we're having a SON!

Full body shot... 
Would you check out the posture on that boy!
Sitting up already? lol

This is an up close picture of his face.  
We think that he may be a little BOXER...
 today he was working on his punching skills!

Okay now come on this is just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!
Our little guy is just relaxing... already a KRAUS, crossing his feet and ready for a NAP!

As you can tell I am so PROUD and EXCITED!  Thank you for letting me gush about our happiness... but, please let me type this just one more time... 
Okay, that will hold me over until the next blog!  :)

Love ya'll,
A. Laine

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tomorrow brings BIG news people.  In less than 24 hours Beep and I will find out if we will be having a BOY or GIRL! It feels like Christmas Eve, at my house (NO this is not because I have a lit tree in my living room.) lol  
I am gushing with EXCITEMENT!  Holy Smokes... this is what we have been waiting for the past 150 days!  That is a LONG time!!!
People have been asking me, "So Amanda are you going to find out what it is or let it be a surprise?"  I just stare at them and inside I am thinking... "umh, DO YOU KNOW ME AT ALL?"  Seriously, I am like a HUGE planner... My whole life is one BIG plan!  Anyway, for all you crazy folk out there wondering... YES WE WILL BE FINDING OUT, and did I mention we FIND OUT TOMORROW!!!  Okay, I realize it is a little sickening my giddiness and all... "BUT I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!!"  (Okay, that was a little over the top, I'll even admit that!) 
I just wanted you all to know that tomorrow we will know which one of you are WINNERS and who of you are the LOSERS!  No matter what the case, I'll still love ya (Mama always said losers need love to!)
Here's hoping that "Baby Kraus" cooperates tomorrow... and if it is a PRISSY GIRL she will be practicing her SPLITS  and if it is a TUFF BOY he will be showing off his MAD AIR JORDAN POSE!  
Whoo-hoo!  Alright, I have to go and talk to "MY BELLY" and discuss the importance of tomorrow.. Stay tuned everybody our appointment is at 11:00... BIG NEWS SHALL FOLLOW!   :)   

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You never know who is listening...

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!  Today was a day to remember forever... NO MATTER your race, gender or age!  I learned that more today from my little "Kraus Crew" friends...      
So we started off the day reading stories and discussing how great it is to be an American.  Which led us into how our parents got to vote for our president, just like we vote on things everyday, in our class.  That is when the stories came FLOODING.... Parents truly under estimate their children and how much they HEAR, RETAIN and TELL their teachers!  You would have thought that my children ACTUALLY voted in the election.  It was a debate... and IT WAS ON!!!
A couple of FUNNY quotes from the "Kraus Crew:" 
  • Mrs. Kraus is "Rocco Boom-u" going to steal my money like he is going to steal my Mommy and Daddy's? 
  • Mrs. Kraus, I like Obama, and I would have been friends with Hillary Clinton too... EVEN though she is WHITE!  My mama said she's AIGHT!!! :) lol (I don't care who you are... NOW that is FUNNY!!!)
I must admit I did let this go on for a while, because it was hilarious to hear what ALL was coming out of their little innocent mouths.  At the same time, I was excited to learn that all of this was actually being discussed in their home... PEOPLE FINALLY CARED!!!
Moving on:  So I came up with some hats to make... I thought they would be festively fun,  AND THEY WERE!!! :) We wrote on them President (last name)... So I was finally President Kraus for the day.  (hmmm... I wonder if they wondered why President Obama didn't have his festive hat on during the inauguration?)   

I feel the need to mention that I had 6 friends missing from this picture... in a perfect world you would only have 12 children on a daily basis.  :)

This afternoon we also made a Kindergarten "Student Body" American Flag! They had so much fun... fingers crossed we will be in the paper tomorrow!
Here's to being a PROUD American, Loving Kids Innocence, and knowing that "DREAMS" really do come true!

God Bless,
Amanda Laine
a.k.a.  President A. Kraus
(It really does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to OWN up!!!

First of all, let me thank you for voting on what you think our little Baby Kraus is.  It has been VERY interesting to say the least, watching the number of people that actually think that this child could possibly be a GIRL!!!
This leads me to my next request...  I am now asking for all you "Dream Girls" to speak out and own up to your vote.  Let me know who you are... I am dying to know.  So please if you are one of the "PINK FANS" leave me your name, in the comment box below.
Thanks again for playing "NAME THAT SEX!"  For all you dirty minded folks I am still talking about my LOVE CHILD!!!
Give it up and START COMMENTING!!!